5 most amazing phones lined up for 2023

When you think of smartphones, the year 2012 doesn’t come to mind as a game changer. Back then, people still called handsets “smartphones”, but they weren’t that smart. Sure, they could stream music and surf the Internet, but they couldn’t take selfies, let alone pay for purchases, unlock doors, and use apps.

Now, a decade later, the 2023 smartphone market is shaping up to be very exciting, with a mix of big tech giants and new startups launching innovative new devices.

Here are some of the most anticipated phones in 2023 so you can stay ahead of the curve:

1. Apple iPhone 15

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 15 in 2023. Rumors are already circulating about the new features and design elements the phone will include.

The new iPhone 15 is expected to include a new OLED display and improved processing power. The camera is also said to be getting an upgrade with a new sensor and improved optics.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

As you inch closer to 2023, there are a few phones that are already generating a lot of hype. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. The phone is said to be a true successor to the Galaxy Fold and is expected to come with a lot of improvements.

Some of its features include an in-display fingerprint sensor, improved folding mechanism, and better camera. The phone is also said to be more durable and easier to use than its predecessor.

3.Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the most anticipated phones to release in 2023. Samsung has a reputation for releasing some of the best smartphones on the market, and the S23 should be no different. The phone is said to have an all new design, an improved camera and the latest mobile technology.

4. Google Pixel 7A

If Google maintains its annual tradition, users could see a cheaper version of the Pixel 7, called Pixel 7A, launching in the spring or summer. Currently, there are not many Pixel 7A rumors. However, researcher Kuba Wojciechowski says he’s found details in the Android codebase that could be related to the Pixel 7A, which suggests there could be some pretty big updates coming.

5. Google Pixel 8

Just months after Google released the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, rumors are already swirling about Google’s next generation of smartphones. German tech blog WinFuture claims to have found references to two unreleased Pixel smartphones in publicly available code.

The results indicate that these two devices are codenamed “Shiba” and “Husky”, and are powered by a new processor codenamed “Zuma”. The code also suggests these devices will run on Android 14 and include 12GB of RAM, according to WinFuture.

    5 most impressive phones lined up for

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