A God of War fan makes a nostalgic discovery in the attic

While cleaning out his house, a God of War gamer gets a huge nostalgia blast for the series’ PS2 debut after finding one of his games.

Nostalgia can be a powerful feeling in gaming, especially when a franchise can foster the kind of loyal fan base that God of the war series a, and one gamer had a huge hit with it after discovering an original PlayStation 2 copy of god of war 2 in their attic. The series’ fingerprints are all over Sony’s PlayStation family of consoles, from the PS2 all the way up to the PS5 and even Sony’s two handheld console attempts with the PSP and PSVita. However, from a narrative and conceptual point of view, god of war 2 set the stage for what was to come in the years following the series as Kratos travels from ancient Greece to northern Europe.


god of war 2 was originally released in March 2007, two years after the original game was released, and was one of the last major PS2 releases before Sony focused entirely on the then year-old PS3 console. It picks up sometime after the end of the first game and puts Kratos on a collision course with Zeus after being stripped of his divinity as a result of the near-constant wars in Greece. Kratos’ journey of revenge sends him to the Sisters of Fate with plans to change his fate and bring Zeus to his knees, leading to the events of god of war 3.

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The aforementioned original copy was discovered by Reddit user Skaddl3D while they were recently cleaning out their attic. Skaddl3D has shared an image from the game, which sports the box art design reminiscent of the first game art of Kratos standing in front of the Athens with his bloody Blades of Chaos drawn. In the case of god of war 2however, he stands outside the entrance to the Island of Creation on his way to confront the Fates.

Skaddl3D Discovery received a positive response with 97% of users upvoting the post and two other users commented, sharing their love of the game and appreciation for Discovery. However, Skaddl3D revealed that the game wasn’t the only discovery they made while doing some seasonal cleaning in their attic. Skaddl3D said they also found their original PlayStation 2 console in the attic, still working, and were looking for a way to plug it in.

The reverence that Skaddl3D shows towards god of war 2 is the one mirrored by many players for the franchise as a whole, which seems to have only increased due to 2018 God of the war and 2022 God of War Ragnarok. Both games saw Kratos, who had been widely portrayed as a man driven primarily by rage and vengeance, become more representative of himself for the sake of his son Atreus while retaining the epic moments and intense gameplay that players expected from the series. The end results were games acclaimed by both critics and gamers that ultimately could lead to similar nostalgic hits for gamers years from now, similar to Skaddl3D’s sentiments for god of war 2.

god of war 2 is available for PlayStation 2.

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