A player creates a timeline that shows the evolution of human society in video games

A player creates a detailed timeline of the history and future of mankind that a variety of video games have depicted over the years.

Blending history and video games, a player has created a timeline charting the rise of humanity and civilization using a variety of popular game titles. From the beginnings of mankind to predictions of what the future might hold, the timeline presents a collection of games that have covered different points in history.

Over the years, video games have grown to tell deeper, more vibrant stories that delve into humanity and what it means to be human. With this evolution of game narratives, telling stories of humanity through historical games has been one of the many ways that studios have enriched the messages of their projects. Not only do video games like to visit the past to recreate already known worlds, but looking to what lies ahead is another way games have explored humanity, predicting what the far or distant future might hold for civilization. .


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A creative Reddit user by the name of Ucankabak has taken it upon himself to create a timeline of how video games explored human history and what some studios predicted future civilization would look like. With a roster consisting of twenty-six titles, the list unsurprisingly begins with Ancestors: Humankind’s Odyssey which begins the timeline at 10,000,000 BCE. Over the years and eras depicted, the timeline ends with Horizon: Zero Dawn in the year 3020 CE.

A fun aspect of the house timeline is the amount of Assassin’s Creed games listed. With the long list of Assassin’s Creed games that have been released over the years it’s completely understandable, but it’s kind of fun to see the franchise making up almost half of the timeline with ten out of twenty-six titles being Assassin’s Creed payments. There is still a wide variety of titles to watch though, with games ranging from A Plague Tale: Innocence, Red Dead Redemption 2and Detroit: Become Human.

This timeline is a really good breakdown of the breadth of reach video game studios have when looking for exciting stories to tell where humanity has been and where it could possibly go. Whether a story takes place in medieval Europe or takes place in a never-before-seen world like Night City in Cyberpunk 2077the history and future of mankind serve as ideal foundations for video games to explore and expand on compelling worlds that help tell rich stories and make a game’s characters all the more real to many players.

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