A Pokemon fan comes up with an impressive redesign for Torkoal

A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet draws an impressive paradoxical revamp of Torkoal in the style of old Japanese prints.

A Pokemon fan recently drew some interesting Paradox revamp concept art for Torkoal, a Fire-type that debuted in pokemon ruby and Sapphire. Torkoal is a fan favorite appearing in the series alongside Ash during the Hoenn League and also as a catchable Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple. Torkoal doesn’t have an evolutionary line, so the artist’s redesign offers an interesting look at a paradoxical version of the Pokemon with a different combination of types.

Torkoal is a generation 3 fire turtle that has heat vents along its shell. His Pokedex art and in-game sprite are seen blowing smoke from both his nostrils and the volcano-like hole on his back. Back when Ash Ketchum still hadn’t won the championship, he found and caught Torkoal in “All Torkoal, No Play”, the 332nd episode of the Pokemon anime aired in 2004.


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Torkoal may not be the most popular Pok√©mon in Scarlet and Purple, but Redditor rc1246 posted the revamp in Pokemon. This makes Torkoal’s back less like smooth, carefully segmented sections of a turtle’s shell and more like a rocky volcano. The fiery peak rises high, but Torkoal appears lower to the ground, less turtle-like and more salamander-like. Its tail is long and spiny, and an outcrop of spikes surrounds the base of the volcano like the sharp angles of a turtle’s shell. Smoke still billows from the peak, but now its nostrils are dripping with magma like a runny nose. The included detail of Torkoal’s eyes finally opening is a neat touch, and his irises are like glowing coals. The whole design has been laid out on a background that makes it look like a Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock painting.


Additional images can be found on the original post.

Comments to rc1246’s post speculated about the stat block and typing for this paradoxical version of Torkoal. There’s been some debate about Torkoal taking a Fire/Poison type, which makes sense because smoke and soot can contain a bunch of toxic fumes. There was also a push for the Fire/Steel type, which would suggest its hull took metal into the tips. This strike also has more ties to the story of Ash’s Torkoal, who was first found beaten by a gang of Steelixes despite the type difference and would then go up against Registeel, eventually falling under that zap cannon. Pokemon.

Redditor rc1246 has many other designs with the same style, like one where a group of Magikarp is seen jumping from a stylish wave after The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Torkoal may have ditched the smoky, handlebar-style mustache for an eternally dripping nose, but at least he’s finally opened his eyes. Brock would be jealous.

pokemon scarlet and Purple are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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