A Swedish city will “integrate” migrants by placing them in wealthy areas

The local government in the Swedish city of Gothenburg is seeking to place newly arrived migrants in the city’s affluent neighborhoods, arguing that DeSantis-style politics will reduce segregation.

The local government decided on the new policy earlier this week at a meeting on Thursday, saying it will have a significant positive impact on children of migrants, in particular.

“It means a lot to children to live in an area where Swedish is spoken,” councilor Jonas Attenius, a member of the Social Democrats, told SVT TV – implicitly confirming that is not the case. in a wide variety of restricted areas. .

“For decades it has been our suburbs that have had to take on this responsibility, now we want newcomers to be placed in the prosperous areas,” said Attenius – the suburbs in question being poorer areas rather than paradises for the middle class, in this case.

Axel Josefsson, a member of the so-called “centre-right” moderates, complained that the existing system – which resulted in multiple no-go zones – was already working.

“We have a guideline today where we try to avoid placing new arrivals in the most vulnerable areas and I think that works well,” he said.

The segregation of people with a migrant background, often in the poorly integrated suburbs of Swedish cities, has been a problem in the country for years, and earlier in 2022 the previous social democratic government considered breaking up migrant ghettos .

Anders Ygeman, the former integration minister, said he might even have backed the idea of ​​a policy to limit the number of ‘non-Nordic’ residents in areas so they don’t become the majority in the neighborhoods.

A group of so-called experts, however, criticized the proposal, saying it would reinforce segregation rather than combat it.

“The proposal is difficult to take seriously, but at the same time frightening. It is reminiscent of the apartheid system and state racism that would cement and legitimize ethnic divisions instead of fighting them,” the group said.

In other countries, such as France, the government is also considering moving migrants to relatively homogeneous rural areas not only to prevent segregation, but also to solve demographic problems in the French countryside.

President Emmanuel Macron announced his support for such a policy in September but has been criticized by right-wing figures such as the leader of the populist National Rally Jordan Bardella, who claimed that Macron “wants to punish rurality because to distribute immigration in the countryside and in the French villages, it is also to distribute the problems which result from it.

Attempts by American conservatives such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to redistribute migrants to wealthy, leftist areas little affected by illegal border crossings such as Martha’s Vineyard have also been met with hostility – albeit in this case by those who promote the opening of borders, somewhat paradoxically.

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