Abbott Buses Chicago Migrants Brings Illinois Leaders to Texas Border Town

Governor Greg Abbott’s busing of migrants to Chicago led officials from that city and the state of Illinois to travel to Texas’ border with Mexico. Officials described their visit to the overwhelmed Texas border sector as “eye-opening”.

Del Rio Area Chief Patrol Officer Jason D. Owens tweeted a video showing officials from the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois describing their reaction to a recent border tour. The visit to the overwhelmed Del Rio sector comes after Texas Governor Abbott ferried thousands of migrants from that sector to Chicago.

Johny Bernal, Acting Deputy Chief Patrol Officer for the Del Rio area, introduced the visiting dignitaries and gave them the opportunity to describe what they saw. The tour included Brandi Knazze, commissioner of the City of Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, and Grace Hou, secretary of the Illinois Department of Social Services.

“They came here to see what we’re dealing with on the southern border,” Deputy Chief Bernal said. “We want to do what we can to work together and save lives.”

“This trip was very instructive,” replied Commissioner Knazze. “It helps us understand the role we play in cities and states to support immigration to the United States”

Secretary Hou added, “We appreciate the hard work, dedication and innovation that you and your team have put in over the past year.”

Governor Abbott added the sanctuary city of Chicago to his list of cities receiving migrants bused in from the Del Rio area after they were released by Border Patrol agents in the communities of Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Aus. Texas. The first migrant bus from Texas arrived on August 31, Breitbart Texas reported.

The Chicago mayor’s office later called Governor Abbott’s action of transporting around 60 migrants in air-conditioned buses “inhumane” and “racist”.

City and state leaders who traveled to the border this week did not comment on the truly inhumane treatment migrants face from Mexican cartel smugglers.

On Friday, Nov. 11, the state of Texas transported 13,200 migrants to the sanctuary cities of New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, according to information obtained from the Texas governor’s office. Washington received 8,300. The state sent 3,700 to New York and another 1,200 to Chicago. On November 16, Governor Abbott added the Sanctuary City of Philadelphia to the list of migrant bus destinations.

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