Adam Schiff tells what’s next after the January 6 committee report

Congressman Adam Schiff explained what the House Select Committee hopes will happen now that it has filed its final report on the Capitol riot.

The committee concluded its final hearing, released a report earlier this month, and made a criminal referral to the Justice Department for former President Donald Trump.

Write in the Orlando SentinelMr. Schiff explains that in addition to the criminal referral, the committee also suggested steps for Congress to take to prevent future attempts to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power in the United States.

“One of these key reforms is included in the year-end omnibus spending bill and will reform the 19th Century Voter Count Act, the law that governs the process Congress used to certify the winner of a presidential election,” he wrote.

Mr. Schiff said it was “this archaic law” that Mr. Trump allegedly tried to “exploit” through Vice President Mike Pence to select alternate voters who would vote for Mr. Trump. If Mr. Pence had done so, it would have invalidated millions of votes legally cast by Americans.

According to Schiff, the reform would reaffirm that the vice president does not have the power to take these actions and would prevent states from changing their voter allocation rules after an election.

The committee also called for legislation clarifying the House’s ability to “enforce its own subpoenas and seek expedited enforcement in court.”

“Even now, committee subpoenas are being challenged in court, with their enforcement blocked by the contentious practices of Trump and his enablers. When the current session of Congress ends on January 3, 2023, these subpoenas will lose their force and would do so even if the new majority were not determined to thwart our work,” Schiff wrote. “Congressional investigative subjects should never again be able to escape scrutiny by exploiting the frigid speed of the courts.”

He also stressed the need for American institutions to take heed of the threat posed to democracy by white nationalist groups. The committee recommended reforms that “would take a whole-of-government approach to countering domestic violent extremists and violent anti-government militias.”

Mr. Schiff said the reforms would also reduce the circumstances in which a president can invoke the Insurrection Act, which Mr. Trump’s supporters have asked him to enact in order to block the joint session of Congress certifying the election.

“Oversight by the January 6 Committee has been difficult, and the pursuit of justice may be even more difficult,” he wrote, “but the steps we are taking to prevent another despot from overthrowing our democracy in the future can be the most difficult and the most difficult”. consequence of everything.”

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