Alyssa Milano brutally mocks swapping Tesla for Volkswagen ‘Nazi car’ to fight ‘white supremacy’

Left-leaning celebrity Alyssa Milano has been brutally mocked online for an ‘epic virtue signal failure’ after announcing her decision to swap her Tesla for a Nazi-founded Volkswagen to dissociate herself from ‘hate and supremacy’ white”.

Charm actress Alyssa Milano – who previously describe herself as the “proud” owner of Tesla – took to Twitter on Saturday to tell the world that she had returned her Tesla vehicle and bought a Volkswagen instead, as she criticized the platform of social media owned by Elon Musk for enabling “hate and white supremacy”.

“I returned my Tesla. I bought the VW ev. I love it,” she wrote.

Additionally, she said she doesn’t know “how advertisers can buy space on Twitter.”

“Products from a publicly traded company aligned with hate and white supremacy doesn’t seem like a winning business model,” Milano wrote.

Earlier this month, Volkswagen – Europe’s largest automaker founded in 1937 by the German Labor Front under the leadership of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party – suspended ads on Twitter in response to Elon Musk’s vow to make the social media platform a home for free speech.

In response to Milano’s remarks, many took to social media to criticize the Hollywood activist’s “epic virtue signal failure”.

“Volkswagen was literally founded by Nazis and Hitler,” wrote conservative comedy duo Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge, better known as the Hodgetwins.

Musk himself responded with a laughing emoji as well as a “100,” seemingly in an expression of absolute agreement with Hodges’ observation.

“Democrats are so dumb,” actor Nick Searcy wrote. “She traded a car made by an African American for a car from a Nazi-developed company while complaining about white supremacy.”

“Um. You might want to look up the origins of Volkswagen before trying to signal virtue with this one,” Calgary columnist Cory Morgan wrote.

“Nothing says ‘I’m concerned about white supremacy’ like buying a car from a company founded by the Nazi government,” wrote writer Mark Hemingway.

“Who wants to tell him that Volkswagen was founded in 1937 under the leadership of Adolf Hitler? wrote conservative commentator John Cardillo.

“You mean the same VW that Hitler loved?” asked Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former adviser to former President Donald Trump.

“So brave,” mocked conservative commentator Katie Pavlich, sharing that the German automaker was originally operated by a Nazi organization and described as “Hitler’s pet project.”

“Yes Volkswagen. A company that has certainly never had anything to do with racists,” one Twitter user mocked.

“Alyssa ditched an immigrant-designed vehicle to buy one from a Hitler-founded company,” another wrote.

“We live in such a profoundly idiotic time that fighting racism now means selling a car built by an African advocating free speech and buying one built by Adolf Hitler,” another user wrote.

The Hollywood star’s tweet comes as several prominent left-leaning celebrities have leave Twitter, including Debra Messing, Jack White, Whoopi Goldberg, model Gigi Hadid, TV mega-producer Shonda Rhimes and siblings Patricia and Rosanna Arquette.

In September, Milan announcement she was starring in an abortion-themed film that deals with the Supreme Court’s recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

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