Amazing offer is almost like getting free money from PlayStation Store

A new offer from Best Buy is almost like getting free money from the PlayStation Store, as it allows players to get discounted gift cards.

Tech retailer Best Buy has brought back its 12 Days of Play sale, where shoppers can head to the company’s website daily to find a new deal waiting for them, and the latest is essentially offering gamers PlayStation credit. Free store. Best Buy kicked off its 12 Days of Play sale on Nov. 29, offering customers a deep discount on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch.

Deals for Best Buy’s 12-Day Games Sale have been pretty good so far this year, as Nintendo-published games like Skyward Sword HD rarely offered for sale. The Best Buy 12 Days of Gaming sale will run through every day until December 10, so gamers should have plenty more deals to look forward to in the days ahead.


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PlayStation gamers planning to buy anything through the PlayStation Store in the near future will definitely want to take advantage of the latest offer from Best Buy’s 12 Days of Gaming sale. For today only, Best Buy customers can save 10% on PlayStation Store gift cards. It’s basically like getting free PlayStation Store credit. For example, if one buys the $100 PlayStation Store Gift Card from Best Buy while the promotion is running, he only has to pay $90, which is equivalent to getting $10 PlayStation Credit Store for free. Click here to see the offer.

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Needless to say, it would be a good idea for anyone making a PlayStation Store purchase soon to jump on this deal while they still can, as it should go a long way in helping them save some cash this year. There should be plenty of heavily discounted PS4 and PS5 games as part of the holidays, so now is the perfect time to really expand your library of digital games on PlayStation consoles.

This PlayStation Store Gift Card offer will only be available today, so PlayStation gamers are running out of time to take advantage of this opportunity. Tomorrow will bring a new deal as part of Best Buy’s 12 Days of Play sale, but the jury is out on what that deal will be. Given that day one was Nintendo-focused and day two was PlayStation-focused, it’s possible that day three will be all about Xbox, but that’s just speculation at this time. Best Buy shoppers will just have to check the 12 Days of Play page tomorrow to see what the company has in store next.

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