An Elden Ring fan plays a game on a massive cinema screen

An Elden Ring fan decided to die in Malenia on one of the biggest screens possible with the best surround sound available: a movie theatre.

A dedicated Ring of Elden shared a photo of his incredible gaming feat: playing FromSoftware’s latest hit on a cinema screen. The massive screen, filled with the game’s logo, is one of the biggest screens possible to play the game on, and it’s incredibly cool and a testament to their love of the game. Ring of Elden has amassed an incredible following since its release earlier this year, which shows no signs of slowing down as the 2023 calendar approaches.


FromSoftware fans are constantly finding new ways to achieve amazing in-game feats, like a recent Ring of Elden player beating Malenia without taking a single hit, or the story of a streamer who beat the dark souls games with a Guitar Hero controller. The achievements and unlockable trophies can’t compare to the creativity, skill and ingenuity displayed by the dedicated fan base cultivated over years of incredibly punishing, yet rewarding games. While playing on a gigantic screen doesn’t require the same skill as a perfect race, the end result is still very cool.

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Posted on Reddit, user SuperSloth07 proudly showed off his gaming achievement, with Ring of Elden fans showing their support through a thousand upvotes. Endgame boss Malenia is one of many fan-favorite enemies, especially since she wields a sword in Ring of Elden bigger than Sephiroth’s, so it’s no surprise that SuperSloth07’s first move was to try and conquer the villain. Gaming on a big screen with crystal-clear surround sound goes beyond enjoying the game as it was meant to be played, it sets a new standard for what’s possible.

Ambilight TV monitors increase spectacular visuals in Ring of Elden, but as any modern movie buff will tell, immersive sound is the biggest advantage of cinemas over home entertainment systems. SuportSloth07 explained in the comments to their article that renting the theater in Queensland, Australia was an amazing experience, and yes, the sound was one of the best parts. Pressed by curious fans, the price for this experience turned out to be $300 AUD, roughly the equivalent of 30 adult tickets.

Theater companies, including national chains, often rent out individual theaters to interested groups for activities ranging from church groups, private movie screenings, and even summer camps. Gaming experience on such a large screen, with little lag according to SuperSloth07’s report, could be a new item on the to-do list for gamers. Just think of all the horrible things possible in Ring of Eldenbut done on a 30-foot-wide screen with pro-level surround sound.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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