Andrew Tate Reportedly Arrested in Romania in Human Trafficking Investigation

Former kickboxing world champion turned Tik Tok star Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have reportedly been arrested in Romania in connection with an investigation into human trafficking, organized crime and rape.

Prosecutors from the Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation Directorate (DIICOT) in collaboration with the Bucharest Organized Crime Squad carried out searches on Thursday at five residences, including the Tate mansion in the Romanian capital.

“So far, six injured people have been identified who have been sexually exploited by the organized criminal group. With regard to the crime of rape, it was noted that in March 2022, an injured person was forced, twice, by a suspect through the exercise of physical violence and psychological pressure, to have intercourse sex,” a police statement read. .

The statement does not mention Andrew or Tristan Tate, however, it refers to “two British citizens”, which Romanian media say are the Tates. The British-American social media influencers were born in the United States before moving with their British mother to Luton, England as children. They have since resided in Romania and Dubai.

This year, Andrew Tate became one of the world’s most wanted men after becoming a viral hit with his anti-feminist and anti-globalist rhetoric on Tik Tok and other social media sites, which ultimately came to fruition to its ban from almost everyone. platforms.

Police said the victims were allegedly recruited under false pretenses to “carry out pornographic manifestations with the aim of producing and disseminating via social media”.

“In the case, it was noted that at the beginning of 2021, 4 suspects (two British citizens and two Romanian citizens) constituted an organized criminal group with the aim of committing crimes in the territory of Romania, but also of other countries, such as the United States of America and Great Britain, of the crime of human trafficking,” the statement continued.

Regarding the rape allegations, police said that in April this year, a woman was “twice forced by a suspect through the exercise of physical violence and psychological pressure, to have sexual intercourse “.

A total of four people were arrested in connection with the investigation, including two Romanian citizens. The Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation Branch said they were all detained for a 24-hour period.

Following a raid earlier this year on his home, Andrew Tate claimed in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the human trafficking and kidnapping allegations against him were false and that he had been the victim of “swatting”.

Tate’s reported arrest came just hours after he made headlines for engaging in a public spat with Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg over his large collection of supercars in essence and the question of “penis size”. It was speculated in the media that it was his response video to the green activist who informed the Romanian police that they were in the country, with Tate jokingly stating that he was not going to recycle a few boxes of pizza , which happened to belong to a Romanian pizzeria chain.

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