Announcements from Enfabrica and Macronix on Accelerating IO and Search

This article will dive into a recent interview with startup Enfabrica, which offers an I/O architecture embedded in the company’s server fabric chips that enables early implementation of memory and storage tiering. before CXL 3.0 is widely available and significant improvements in data center performance and cost reductions. We also show some improvements in search capabilities with Macronix’s FortiX memory-centric computing flash.

Enfabrica is a startup looking to solve GPU networking and memory and storage scaling issues (including providing memory pooling features like CXL gen 3 before they are widely implemented by 2026). The figure below shows important considerations for increasing memory and storage for data center applications.

They have developed an efficient server fabric chip with advanced features in a terabit Ethernet network fabric that they believe can solve these memory and storage issues (as well as compute and communication issues) as shown below. -below.

The Enfabrica team says this server fabric will eliminate the need for specialized network cards and traditional top-of-the-rack (TOR) communications hardware, and provide a universal data transfer device that addresses I/O limitations. in modern computing, including with GPUs.

The company claims that it can deliver scaling and scaling of all computing resources delivering 2x the performance per dollar. They also say it delivers 10x more throughput than NICs or DPUs and 4x more performance per watt and with fewer chips and rack connections and can scale up to thousands server nodes.

Macronix gave an overview of the FortiX memory-centric computer flash memory it showcased at Flash Memory Summit 2022. The company says it provides a cost-effective substitute for DRAM for die and array research. index. As shown in the figure below, the company indicates that the speed of queries will be increased by 10 times.

They say there is also a security advantage for confidential research (such as fingerprints or personal and corporate data). FortiX is said to minimize database exposure and enable encryption of search results.

Startup Enfabrica showcases its server framework to replace NICs and DPUs and provide data center memory disaggregation, higher performance, and lower I/O cost. Macronix showed a 10x improvement in database searches with the company’s memory-centric computer flash compared to DRAM.

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