Anti-Semitic messages in favor of Kanye West projected on buildings in Florida

Messages supporting Kanye West’s anti-Semitic outbursts have been projected onto buildings in Florida.

Days after two banners reading “End Jewish Supremacy in America” ​​and “Honk if you know it’s the Jews” were displayed on an overpass in Jacksonville, similar anti-Semitic messages reading “Kanye was right about the Jews” were projected onto buildings in the city.

One appeared on video boards at TIAA Bank Field after a football game between Florida and Georgia. The University of Florida and the University of Georgia condemned the post on Sunday, ESPN reported.

“The University of Florida and the University of Georgia together denounce these acts and all acts of anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred and intolerance. We are proud to be home to strong and thriving Jewish communities at UGA and UF, and we stand together against hate,” the statement read.

It comes after Mr West was blocked from using his Twitter account for breaking the platform’s Community Guidelines with an anti-Semitic tweet stating he was going to do ‘death con 3’ on Jewish people and claiming that he was not “anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jews.

The comments sparked outrage and calls for the rapper’s permanent ban from the platform. It also cost Mr West several trade deals with Adidas, Balenciaga, Gap, Foot Locker and Def Jam, who publicly severed their partnerships following the controversy.

Mariam Feist, CEO of the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Northeast Florida, told local news station News4JAX that anti-Semitic messages recently aired in Jacksonville have made the Jewish community feel unsafe and targeted. .

“I am a proud Jew and I am a proud American. I want to live and I want our community. I want my family, my neighbors to live somewhere and feel safe,” Mr. Feist told the outlet. “I wish there was an answer as to how you could stop all of this, but it’s been going on for ages.”

Mr West was banned from his Twitter account after his anti-Semitic posts earlier this month. Twitter did not comment on the status of their account.

After his $44bn acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk says a new ‘content moderation board’ will decide on the reinstatement of banned accounts, suggesting there will be no immediate return for Mr West .

The 45-year-old rapper was also briefly banned from Instagram after he shared a post suggesting Sean “Diddy” Combs was controlled by Jews. Instagram said in a statement that the post “violates[ed] our policies and imposed a restriction on the account,” before the ban was lifted last week.

After regaining access to his account, the rapper addressed the recent fallout with Adidas and Gap, two of the biggest business partners who ended their business relationship with him in recent weeks.

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