Apex Legends Character Guides: Tips and Strategies for Every Legend

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale that emphasizes teamwork above anything else, pitting various duo or trio teams against each other to see who will be the last team standing. With the focus on characters in the game, each Legend you can choose from offers their team an array of unique abilities that can help them become the victors.

Each Legend plays a particular role that helps themselves or their teammates, so you’ll want to know how to play them best with their strengths. Below are brief descriptions of each, along with links to our guides on how to play them. Click through the table of contents below to quickly jump to the guide you want to read. We will always expand this as new seasons arrive and provide even more legends to play as.


[Bangalore Guide]

Bangalore is your standard trooper with a few tricks up its sleeve. Her passive ability is increased sprint speed under fire, while her tactical ability fires smoke canisters that can thwart enemies pursuing her. But while his smoke bombs can’t stop a sudden enemy offensive, his ultimate ability is an artillery strike that can easily repel the onslaught.


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[Bloodhound Guide]

Bloodhound is a deadly tracker. Their passive ability lets you see where enemy players have been, while their tactical ability pings the area to reveal enemy trails. Their ultimate ability improves their movement speed and grants them advanced environmental awareness so they can quickly end the lives of their opponents.


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[Caustic Guide]

Caustic is a defensive character who can aid his teammates with handy area-of-effect weapons. Its tactical ability allows you to deploy deadly gas traps that explode nearby or when fired. All the while, his passive ability lets you see enemies through gas. And if all that talk of the gas wasn’t enough, his Ultimate essentially blankets a wide area in more deadly poison.


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[Gibraltar Guide]

Gibraltar is a tanky guy with a lot of utility. His passive ability is a riot shield that can deflect enemy fire, and his tactical ability is a domed shield that can be deployed to shield his team from enemy fire. And when the going gets tough, his ultimate ability can call in a focused mortar strike to a marked position.

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[Lifeline Guide]

Lifeline is your prototype doctor. Her passive allows her drone to resurrect her teammates while she continues the fight, while her tactical ability is a drone that automatically heals nearby allies. If those abilities aren’t enough to get her team into shape, Lifeline has an ultimate ability that appears in a pod filled with high-quality gear.


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[Mirage Guide]

Mirage is the ultimate trickster. His tactical ability lets you send out a holographic decoy, while his passive ability makes him invisible when downed. If these decoys weren’t enough to fool the opposing team, Mirage’s Ultimate deploys a team of them to further confuse enemies.


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[Pathfinder Guide]

Pathfinder is all about reconnaissance and repositioning. This optimistic robot’s passive ability reveals the location of the next ring, and its tactic is a zipline gun that can come in handy for getting to out-of-reach places. He can also aid his allies with his ultimate ability, which deploys a zipline available to all his teammates.


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[Wraith Guide]

Wraith is an agile offensive fighter. Her passive ability tells her when enemies are targeting her, while her tactical ability makes her nearly invisible and invincible for a brief duration for strategic repositioning. Finally, Wraith’s ultimate ability allows her to create a portal that can be used by the whole team to get in or out of a bad situation.

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