Apex Legends stickers: prices, ratings, etc.

Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse launched earlier this week, bringing a new cosmetic element to the game: stickers. Stickers can be applied to healing items like Shield Cells and Phoenix kits, but they’re not your average loot item and they work differently than all other cosmetic items in Apex. Unlike other types of cosmetics – from legend skins to holosprays – stickers are not part of the “evergreen” loot pool.

This means that – at least for now – you won’t be unlocking any stickers through the standard Apex packs, so if you’re not a fan of stickers, you don’t have to worry about their presence diluting the pool of booty. Currently, there is no option to buy stickers individually, but you can get some for free. In fact, you already have them. Keep reading for a complete guide to Apex’s new stickers feature.