Are Saint-14 and Osiris dating in ‘Destiny 2?’

The epilogue of Destiny 2The Season of Plunder saw Osiris finally waking up from his comatose state after being freed from the grip of Savathun, who possessed the powerful wizard and manipulated the tower’s inhabitants for most of the past year.

As Osiris waking up with Savathun’s memories and Neomuna’s knowledge laid the groundwork for the launch of Destiny 2: Lightfall in February next year, many Destiny 2 players were surprised by the revelation of Saint-14 and Osiris’ relationship, with the pair even sharing an on-screen kiss.

Social media was abuzz with Guardians who were unfamiliar with the seemingly sudden revelation of the mighty Warlock’s romantic entanglement with Titan, leading some to question whether or not it was something new that was added to the game with the Season of Plunder epilogue, or a piece of lore unearthed from the Fate universe. Fortunately, we have the answers you are looking for.

The relationship between Saint-14 and Osiris, explained

Osiris and Saint-14 finally kiss in Destiny 2
Image via Bungie

Fate story bugs are probably shaking their heads at the existence of this article and the shock expressed by the specific corner of the community that only logs into the game for a cheeky raid or to smash heads in the crucible, and were completely unaware of the romance unfolding before their eyes.

In short, Saint-14 and Osiris have been involved for some time, and it has been confirmed many times – first by a Tweet from one of the Fate writers at Bungie.

More allusions to the relationship of Saint and Osiris can be found in the depths of of fate expansive lore books. Take, for example, this excerpt from the lorebook “Immolating Pt. 2,” detailing Sagira sacrificing herself to save Osiris’ life when the warlock and his ghost are cornered by Xivu Arath, at the start of the hunting season.

Before reading, a bit of background: If we go back to the Season of Dawn, and maybe even further into the Curse of Osiris DLC, we helped Osiris save Saint-14 from the Infinite Forest and rewrites history, successfully undoing Saint’s deaths. Osiris had spent the majority of his time tinkering with all the simulations and possibilities in the forest, presumably looking for his love. It had been going on since we met him the first year of Destiny 2.

“Give to Saint…my private reader,” Osiris exhales and closes his eyes. He sees himself in a million permutations. Each path: a life in glimpses. He takes what he can from them. Not enough to relish, but enough to be immortalized in a nostalgic haze. In one he is a fiery warrior, repelling the horrors of the longest nights. Another, a guarded gargoyle atop the Infinite Forest. A grizzled elder overseeing passionate disciples.

In so many others, he is dead.

But there is one where Osiris finds happiness. He finds a time away from conflict. He reunites with Saint, a dream of warm serenity. Peace has its purpose. With Saint, there is a future that could have been enough.

Immolation Pt.2, Destiny 2

Players also likely could have gleaned some relationship context from Saint-14’s dialogue whenever he talked about his lover while in a coma this year. Obviously, he longs for the return of his love and that too in a rather obviously non-heterosexual “I miss you bro” way. Either way, the pair have definitely been an item for quite a while, and we couldn’t be happier to finally see their romance blossom on screen.

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