Bayonetta 3 players find a cat sitting in a weird position

Bayonet 3 players laugh at a cat that was found in-game sitting in a very odd way. While cats are commonplace in Bayonet 3this one is distinguished by its particular pose.

After years of delays and waiting, fans were finally relieved to see Bayonet 3 released at the end of October. Bayonet 3 Director Kamiya recently praised Nintendo, offering his thanks for helping the game become a reality.

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Recently, a Bayonet 3 player shared an image of a cat he found in the game. Cats are not uncommon in Bayonet 3as finding and catching cats throughout the title can unlock a reward for Bayonet players. However, most of the cats in the game quickly run away from Bayonetta, who has to give chase. This one, shared by Dangerous_Fan1090, looks ready to take a nap after dinner, sitting upright in a human pose and staring down at the ground between his back feet.

In the post, Dangerous_Fan1090 wondered what was wrong with the chat and how to help him. Fans in the comments jokingly allayed their concerns, with a few suggesting the cat was simply relaxing in a weird upright pose that real cats sometimes strike. Another noted that Morgane de personas 5 sometimes strikes the same pose. A few others pointed out that it appears to be the same cat from Astral chainwhich is also developed by Bayonet 3is the developer, PlatinumGames. However, it’s unclear if this is a cross easter egg or just a repurposed trump.

As indicated, Bayonet 3 has plenty to discover and track down, including Umbran’s Blood Tears which can be collected from cats, crows, and frogs. Collecting Umbran Blood Tears throughout the game rewards the player with a Phenomenal Remnant.

Bayonet 3 received mostly positive reviews from fans and critics, which may be a relief after so many years of waiting. However, the game did not come out without first experiencing controversy. Former Bayonetta comedian Hellena Taylor has revealed that her role was recast just before the game’s launch. donate the money they would have spent to charity, including an anti-abortion view. In response, the Viola voice actress raised money for trans charities. Regardless of players’ personal and political views, the controversy doesn’t seem to have had much of a negative impact on the game’s release.

Bayonet 3 is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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