Best golf clubs of 2022

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Golf is both exhilarating and exasperating. What seems like a relaxing one-minute round of golf quickly becomes anything but when you watch another sliced ​​shot fly into a sand trap. Even if you convince yourself that you can save the day by taking the next shot within a yard of the pin, you still have to make a putt.

Despite this inherent emotional frenzy, golf keeps me coming back for more. As soon as I started the sport, I was hooked and immediately wanted to understand how I could play better. After some research (and lots of trial and error), I realized the best place to start was with the clubs I used. Not only did buying my own set allow me to avoid horrible clubhouse rentals, but by becoming familiar with them, I improved my score.

Sure, the new clubs didn’t turn me into a 2000s Tiger Woods, but they helped solidify my swing while teaching me how to properly select what to hit and when. That alone improved my game dramatically and showed me that having better gear was essential to my progress.

The journey to find the right clubs meant testing sets from various brands like Mizuno, Callaway and Ping; some good, some mediocre and some great. While my overall favorite is Mizuno’s MP-20 set, I’ve come across other clubs that I think have had a positive impact on my game, such as Ping’s G400 Driver and SM7 Wedge from Titleist.

Finding the right clubs often comes down to experience and personal preference, but I’ve explained how each club and set of clubs below worked for my personal style. I have also included more information on how to buy golf clubs at the bottom of this guide. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches fitness and outdoor products.

Here are the best golf clubs:

Best golf clubs overall: Mizuno Golf MP-20 Irons Set, $1,299.99 at Mizuno
If you have enough skill to play with bladed irons, the Mizuno MP-20 irons are good value for money and suitable for all handicaps.

Best complete set for beginners: Strata Callaway Men’s/Women’s Bundle with Bag, $599.99 at Amazon
If you’re a casual golfer or just getting started in the game, the Callaway Strata Set will give you a decent set of clubs at a great price.

Best Driver: Ping G400 Driver, $399.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods
Even though we can’t hit them regularly, we golfers love our drivers. The forgiving Ping G400 will help you be consistent while providing excellent length.

Best spot: Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge, $119.99 at Golf Stores Worldwide
Even if you consider a wedge a necessary evil, having a good one, like the Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge, can save you some strokes.

Best hybrid club: Ping G400 Hybrid, $169 at Dick’s Sporting Goods
Among the popular hybrid golf clubs available, the Ping G400 Hybrid stands out for its extra length and ability to keep your swing on track.

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