Beyonce told Meghan she was ‘selected to break generational curses’

Meghan Markle reveals singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter said she was ‘selected to break generational curses’ in her ‘Megflix’ documentary, with husband Prince Harry endorsing the bizarre claim.

Meghan, properly Meghan, Duchess of Sussex due to a courtesy title given to her by the family she and her husband now trash at length, made the comments following her infamous tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey .

“Beyoncé just texted. Still can’t believe she knows who I am!” says Meghan, a TV celebrity before she married royalty. The images are from their so-called ” personal records” – there seems to be barely a moment of the woke couple’s personal life that hasn’t been recorded one way or another in the years before and immediately after their separation from Harry’s family – for use in the Netflix docuseries.

“Shut up!” said a somewhat feminine Harry, clearly enjoying his transition from a life of high profile but unglamorous public service to his newfound status as a member of California’s celebrity elite.

“Just checking in, just laid back,” he joked to Meghan, urging her to call the singer.

“No it’s okay. She said she wanted me to feel safe and protected. She admires and respects my bravery and vulnerability and believes that I was chosen to break generational curses that need to be healed” , replied the duchess, adding a slightly strange but approving “Hmmm”.

“Well said,” Harry gushed, as if discussing magic made perfect sense rather than a vision of some deranged Hollywood fairy tale.

Beyond the “generational curses” – the exact nature of the witchcraft dispelled by Meghan in Beyoncé’s imagination is unclear – much of the docu-series is based on the Duchess of Sussex’s mixed-race heritage, in particularly given the links between the Royal Family and the British Commonwealth, or Commonwealth of Nations, largely comprised predominantly non-white nations of the former British Empire.

Despite the claimed significance of Meghan entering the family as someone who could connect better with many Commonwealth nationals due to her racial background, however, the Commonwealth itself is heavily undermined in early episodes. of the docu-series, with woke scholars and activists such as Afua Hirsch and David Olusoga have come out to attack the massive global network – a lifelong passion project of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Even more incredible, “Megflix” features academic activist Kehinde Andrews, who openly disparaged the Queen as someone who “decided she wanted to be a leading white supremacist figure and reap all the rewards” following his death, to advance the absurd argument that the Commonwealth, an intergovernmental forum over which the UK has no governmental authority, is simply a continuation of the British Empire with ‘better public relations’ .

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