Blueface and Chrisean Rock slammed for Kai Cenat’s ‘disrespectful’ stream: ‘You put a hole in my wall’

Posted: 2022-11-22T15:12:04

Updated: 2022-11-22T15:12:04

Kai Cenat’s November 21 Twitch stream was one of his craziest yet, as he was joined by rapper Blueface and partner Chrisean Rock, with the pair slammed for “disrespecting” the stream and damaged Kai’s property.

Despite trepidation from fans and even Kai Cenat himself, Blueface made an appearance on his stream on Monday, November 21.

Having star names on his channel is nothing new for Kai, who has been joined by various other rappers on his streams, including 21 Savage, NLE Choppa and Lil Baby.

But, the stream with Blueface took a few twists, and at times the cat would tell Kai to throw them away.

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Chrisean Rock throws a chair and damages a wall

The pivotal moment of the stream came when Rock threw a chair. Kai was speechless as the chair flew into the off-camera wall, making a loud thud.

“You made a hole in my wall…” Kai said. Rock replied, “you’re rich, you can fix it.”

There were a few moments of awkward silence as no one spoke, before Blueface changed the subject.

This particular incident sparked criticism of Chrisean’s actions on the particular stream.

“She is obviously disrespectful in someone else’s house,” one viewer tweeted. “Crazy disrespectful, no way at all.”

While some simply tried to entertain the stream — and admittedly Kai streams love some shenanigans — others also pointed to Blueface and Chrisean’s appearance on Adin Ross’ stream before.

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“Adin’s disrespect when they went to his house [stream] like a year ago, pointed out another user.

Kai himself was criticized for inviting them, especially since Blueface had only been arrested for attempted murder the previous week. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on the charges in January.

In one clip, Kai Cenat says “help me” to the camera as a joke – but the implication was clear the stream wasn’t exactly going to plan. He also muted the mic when Chrisean picked him up to speak directly to the chat, perhaps fearing that what she said could break Twitch’s TOS.

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Blueface and Chrisean ultimately left without further incident, but it might make Cenat think twice about inviting them back for another cameo.

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