Callisto Protocol trophy list appears online

Callisto Protocol trophies are revealed, rewarding players for using a variety of tools and achieving the hardest difficulty.

The list of trophies of the next survival-horror The Callisto Protocol has been released, and achievement hunters will likely be delighted. One of the most anticipated games yet to be released this year, The Callisto Protocol just received a launch trailer ahead of its release next week.

In late August, Striking Distance Studios claimed that achievements were in development, allegedly operating with the philosophy that death should not be seen as punishment, but as a way to learn enemy mechanics and improve. . workshop manager and dead space Producer Glen Schofield cautioned against this line of thinking during a WIRED segment posted on his YouTube channel, stating that ensuring the player is not frustrated is a crucial aspect of maintaining a gaming experience. compelling horror. His example that if Striking Distance Studios were to “create something that kills you ten times over” players would just blame the game in frustration, hints at the mentality behind the finalized list of trophies.


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The Callisto Protocol will come out with 27 achievements in total, including one Platinum, 7 Gold, 9 Silver, and 10 Bronze. It’s a modest collection, with only little more than indie darling and Game of the Year nominee. Wanderwhich interestingly omits a previously confirmed achievement to witness all the possible ways to die in The Callisto Protocol. Possibly a requirement for an included achievement, but it’s more likely that forcing trophy hunters to uncover every animation to die was considered rather tedious, instead left as a welcome addition when ripped off by monsters or dismembered by environmental hazards.

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The Callisto Protocol emphasizes the panic of combat, so a list of achievements that revolve around enemy confrontations is in line with the expressed vision. Dodging perfectly, taking out particularly difficult enemies, and using stealth to stab unsuspecting monsters are examples of the actions that will need to be performed for these trophies. There seem to be many achievements associated with the story, but thankfully they’re rather subtle and won’t significantly spoil a game if one were to accidentally read them.

The preliminary question for most intrepid achievement hunters will concern The Callisto Protocol, as a trophy is earned for finishing the game on what may be considered the most punishing. Given that the rest is about storytelling, progression, and collecting collectibles, completing The Protocol is About Life will certainly determine how much the pursuit of The Callisto Protocol‘s Platinum is.

The Callisto Protocol is set to release on December 2, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Exophase, WIRED

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