CliffyB discusses Epic’s decision to sell Gears of War IP to Xbox

CliffyB, the lead designer behind the original Gears of War trilogy, shares his thoughts on Epic selling the franchise to Microsoft.

A recent interview with Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski offered some insight into the legendary game designer’s feelings on selling Epic Games. armament of war. Microsoft bought the franchise in 2014, and around that time armament of war changed from a third-party exclusive to an internal Microsoft product. Bleszinski had left Epic Games two years earlier to take a break from game development, but recently shared his thoughts on Epic Games selling off the franchise he helped develop into a global hit.


The original concept of armament of war came out of development for unreal wara first-person shooter in Epic Games Unreal universe, which Bleszinski was conceiving in the early 2000s. Influenced by the recent success of Resident Evil 4 and the impressive graphics available in the Unreal Engine 3, Bleszinski decided to create a cover-based third-person shooter because he wanted to show off the detailed character models. While graphic considerations pushed the initial design forward, Bleszinski remains proud of Gears of wars history and in particular the decisions taken around Dom and Maria.

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During a recent episode of IGN’s unfiltered webcast, Bleszinski shared his thoughts on why he thinks Epic Games sold to Microsoft. In Bleszinski’s view, once he, producer Rod Ferguson, and gameplay designer Lee Perry left Epic Games, the studio “didn’t know what to do with the franchise.” According to Bleszinski, Epic Games hadn’t released a game in a while and despite the Unreal Engine selling well, the developer might have needed an influx of cash. Fortnite was still years away and the Epic Games Store was even further from a reality.

Following the sale of armament of war at Microsoft, Bleszinski shared that Xbox chief Phil Spencer was the only one calling it. Bleszinski praises Phil Spencer as a “gentleman and scholar” saying “it’s just who Phil is”. Bleszinski had been out of the gaming industry for two years when the sale to Microsoft was completed. Gears of War 3 was the last in the franchise that Bleszinski worked on as part of Epic games. During his interview, Bleszinski was asked about his feelings about the coalition developed by gears titles and said that while The Coalition asked players to choose which characters live or die, Epic Games committed to the fate of Dom and Maria.

Since the sale of Epic Games armament of war to Microsoft, the studio continued to develop, perhaps with the money from the sale according to Bleszinski, one of the greatest games in history with Fortnite. Bleszinski returned to game development in late 2015 with Boss Key Productions, which launched the ill-fated Offenders in 2017. The failure of Offenders led to the closure of Boss Key Productions in 2019. Bleszinski recently released his autobiography, Control Freak: My Epic Adventure Game Creation.

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Source: IGN

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