Closing of the voice scam site “iSpoof”, 100 people arrested

A notorious spoofing website, ‘iSpoof’, which allowed paying users to impersonate companies or contacts to access victims’ sensitive information, has been shut down, in a coordinated action led by the British police and supported by Europol and Eurojust.

According to Europol(Opens in a new window), judicial and police authorities in Europe, Australia, the United States, Ukraine and Canada have arrested 142 suspects. The Metropolitan Police in London made over 100 of these arrests, including the platform administrator.

Investigators have discovered that ‘iSpoof’ has earned more than €3.7 million in 16 months, with UK authorities warning that £100 million ($120 million) has been lost to victims around the world due to identity theft.

The website allowed paying users to make spoofed anonymous calls, send recorded messages, and intercept one-time passwords. iSpoof users were also able to impersonate banks, retail businesses, and government agencies to trick victims into donating money.

“iSpoof” was created in December 2020 and had as many as 59,000 users at its peak. The platform allowed users to pay for the service(Opens in a new window) with Bitcoin, and billed from £150 ($181) to £5,000 ($6,045) per month, depending The Scottish.

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Referring to the arrests, London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said: “The exploitation of technology by organized criminals is one of the greatest challenges for law enforcement in the 21st century. . By removing the tools and systems that allowed fraudsters to deceive innocent people on a massive scale, this operation shows how committed we are to targeting corrupt individuals intent on exploiting often vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, Europol’s Executive Director, Ms Catherine De Bolle, said: “Today’s arrests send a message to cybercriminals that they can no longer hide behind perceived international anonymity. Europol has coordinated the law enforcement community, enriched the intelligence picture and integrated criminal intelligence into ongoing operations to target criminals wherever they are. Together with our international partners, we will continue to relentlessly push the boundaries to bring criminals to justice.

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