Concern over demographic collapse of native Britons ignored by Tories

One of the leading figures of the last decade of Tory rule, former Health Secretary Sajid Javid shrugged off concerns about the massive demographic changes taking place in Britain, mockingly asking “so what? ” in response to a video from Brexit leader Nigel Farage.

Sajid Javid, who has held several high-level positions in government, including as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Health Secretary during China’s coronavirus crisis, and also as Home Secretary, the post of the cabinet responsible for controlling immigration, derided concerns about the mass migration policies he partly chaired.

After the census was released on Tuesday, Brexit champion Nigel Farage commented in a social media video that the figures demonstrated “massive and massive demographic changes taking place in our country… there is a massive shift in the identity of this country that takes place through immigration,” noting that Birmingham, London and Manchester are all now majority minority cities in which the native British population is overtaken by people of other ethnicities.

The once-a-decade census also revealed that the percentage of ethnic Britons in England and Wales had fallen below 75%. Mr Farage went on to say that “more importantly for the country as a whole, it shows that only 46% now identify as Christian. There is a massive change in the identity of this country that is taking place.

In response to Farage’s video, the Tory MP for Bromsgrove, a multicultural Rochdale-born to a family of British Pakistani Muslims, responded to the video by simply replying, “So what?”

In response to Mr Javid’s dismissive message, mixed-race Anglican deacon and GB News host Calvin Robinson said“Labour will call you a racist for your benevolence. The Conservatives don’t even pretend to care. The English become a minority in English towns. Multiculturalism does not work.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t be a multi-ethnic society, but the English language and culture must come first.”

While Conservative governments dating back to David Cameron have all pretended to reduce the number of migrants entering the country, promising to reduce net migration in the 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019 elections, the huge number of foreigners entering the country only continued to grow under the rule of the conservatives.

Indeed, net migration has reached an all-time high this year, nearly doubling the peaks seen under the left-leaning Labor administration of Tony Blair, which opened the country up to mass migration.

Despite the promise to “take back control” of the country’s borders, the foreign-born population has fallen from around 7.5 million a decade ago to around 10.4 million today, more than a sixth of the population.

The records for illegal migration and legal net migration are largely due to Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit immigration system, which opened the doors to millions more foreigners than before he left the European Union. Although Prime Minister Rishi Sunak claimed during the summer leadership campaign that he wanted to see migration curtailed, it appears the government is content with continued waves of migration to supposedly stimulate economic growth.

Others have noted, however, that while GDP may increase due to immigration, it doesn’t matter where it matters most, on a per capita basis. While big companies may see their share prices rise, many Britons are economically worse off in terms of lost wages and higher living costs.

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