Couchbase plumps up the couch to smooth out the developer tooling experience

Users have “experiences”. In truth, we all have experiences all the time, all day, in every pursuit and activity we engage in or even think about. But today, the term experience has come to mean a kind of formalized rating for measuring how people feel about a service, product, or life event.

Just as casual web users have good and bad experiences with websites, applications, and computer services, software application developers and data science professionals have good and bad experiences with the tools they use. they use to bring our technology to life.

Inspired by familiarity

Cloud database company Couchbase Inc announced that it has now enhanced its Couchbase Capella database-as-a-service (DBaaS) product with a new design inspired by technologies (such as version control code repository GitHub) that millions of developers already use to build modern apps.

Developers today have an endless array of powerful tools and services at their fingertips, but according to RedMonk, there is a lack of developer experience. While developers and development teams have the resources, they must also invest significant time in managing issues with highly complex multi-factor development tool chains.

“In order to make a developer’s life easier, rather than more difficult, a quality development experience aims to allow developers to use the tools they are familiar with, or at least emulate those tools”, said RedMonk analyst Stephen O’. Gradi.

With improved in-product help and tutorials, the familiarity now offered by Couchbase should improve usability, agility, and ultimately productivity.

“As customers continue to invest in digital transformation, developers building modern apps need technologies that make them more productive. To address this market need, we’ve invested in removing friction for developers, improving their experience, and providing greater agility with this latest release from Capella,” said Scott Anderson, senior vice president of product management at Couchbase.

User tools and “journeys”

If the notion of formally qualified quantitative user experience is too much for you, then look away now. We now also talk about user (and therefore developer) journeys, i.e. the path a person takes between tools and services throughout a workflow or total process. . Couchbase says its new user interface puts key developer tools, tasks, and journeys front and center when building apps with Capella.

“Developers new to Capella will find it familiar, with design and navigation inspired by popular developer-centric tools like GitHub. Additionally, in-product help and tutorials have evolved and are easier to find, so which allows for quicker responses if questions arise,” Anderson and his team noted in a press release.

Memory-Driven Technology

By virtue of its memory-first architecture, Couchbase claims Capella provides millisecond responses for highly interactive and personalized applications.

The technology now includes a new high data density storage engine with new compute and storage advantages. For example, performance processing is up to 4x faster while using up to 10x less memory. With Capella, customers can optimize to smaller, more affordable clusters that hold and process more data with higher processing power.

In addition to investing in the Capella developer experience, Couchbase says it also invests and is committed to growing its developer community. Designed to support and empower Couchbase’s growing community of users and contributors, the new Couchbase Ambassador program allows developers to share their knowledge and expertise with a wider developer audience.

The program (along with its community hub for social interaction and engagement) provides tools and resources for Ambassadors to speak at events, host community meetups, and create content to build community. Couchbase community.

Sofa, built for comfort?

For Couchbase, focusing here on professional comfort for developers and databases is great, but it doesn’t reflect a deeper trend where the company’s mission is to provide plush comfort in everything it does. .

The name COUCH is actually an acronym for Cluster Of Unreliable Commodity Hardware and Couchbase itself is the result of a 2001 merger between Membase and CouchOne, the company behind the CouchDB database project.

But still, let’s not let the factual nomenclature of enterprise-level data architecture get in the way of a good pun. Couchbase Capella is now easier to use – someone pass me a pillow.

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