Cowboys owner Jerry Jones dressed up as a blind umpire for Halloween

jerry jones

jerry jones
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Dallas Cowboys header fellow Jerry Jones can’t help himself. Constantly running his mouth, interfering with his coaches and doing the opposite of what scouts suggest in the draft. Jones may have stepped in again after dressing up as a blind referee for Halloween.

Jones decided it would be fun to poke fun at the officials who work for the No Fun League. Jones, 80, even pointed out that he could have faced a fine, but hopes the NFL can laugh it off with everyone. Jones went so far as to praise the referees and speaks of his admiration for their decision-making, which sounds like crap. Surely, Jones respected the decision making of the official in 2014 after the “Dez no-catch” playoff game against Green Bay. Probably not.

“I’m very careful here because I’m very close to a fine. It shows how much I love them dressing like them…how much I respect their decision-making,” Jones said of her attire on Sunday. “I had the cane and everything. And I’ve used it on some people too.

The NFL does not like players, coaches or managers who defame their referees. Blind referee jokes date back decades and are generally not an endearing term. It wasn’t the right time for Jones to do it, as Dallas left for a hot start at 6-2. They face the Packers in Green Bay after a Week 9 bye, so it will be interesting to see how many close calls don’t go Dallas’ way. Civil servants are human too. I’m sure not all of them loved Jones’ Halloween outfit.

Over the next three games, the Cowboys will face the Packers, Vikings and Giants. Dallas is in the hunt for the NFC East title and is considered by some to be the second-best team in the conference. It’s not a good time to get on the wrong side of the referees, with big games on the horizon.

For an organization that hasn’t had the best fortunes in the playoffs over the past two decades, you’d think Jones would want the referees on his side. Or, at least, he shouldn’t intentionally make fun of them. Especially since the league is sensitive when it comes to its officials. Referees can make mistakes because there is a human element to making many calls on the field. Still, if team personnel speak out about their shortcomings publicly, they are usually promptly reprimanded.

Jerry has risen to the most powerful owner level in the NFL since the team was purchased in 1989. But he’s also the team’s general manager, which makes it difficult. Commissioner Roger Goodell can issue whatever sentence he deems necessary, but he also works for the Landlords, a fraternity in which Jones plays an important role.

I would be shocked if anything came of it because it’s Jones, and he wields so much power in the NFL. It has already been reported that Jones wants Good start of the league, so this is another case that Goodell will turn a blind eye to. No pun intended.

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