Cristian Javier Rides His ‘Invisi-Ball’ to Win Storybook World Series

PHILADELPHIA – The best kind of story likes to hide in a corner. He taps you on the shoulder from behind in a dark room. It’s the unexpected guest ringing at your door. He appears out of the blue. It’s a World Series no-hitter just as you watched a seven-point-per-game juggernaut turn a baseball stadium into a late-night rave venue.

Surprise! Step aside, Don Larsen. You have company. Four Astros pitchers don’t hit the swaggy so far Phillies in Game 4 of the World Series, giving them no runners except three walks. It wasn’t quite Larsen throwing a perfect game on his own in 1956, but it was only the second no-hitter in 688 World Series games.

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