‘Destiny 2’ Season 19 Guide: Unkillable Void Titan Build

Destiny 2 - Marathon Armor
Destiny 2 received Marathon-inspired armor sets during its 30th anniversary celebration


  • Controlled Demolition also heals players caught in the explosion
  • A weapon with Repulsor Brace is required to increase survivability
  • Bulwark Offensive Triggers Melee Related Armor Mods

The Titan’s Sentinel subclass offers some of the best clear waves in “Destiny 2” thanks to its easy access to effects that apply the Volatile debuff. What many players forget, however, is that this same effect can be used to make Titans unkillable in most scenarios.

Sentinels can match the extreme survivability of Sunbreakers without losing the destructive potential of the class. Here’s a build that makes the most of the available in-game gear aspects, shards, and synergies to create a very hard-to-kill endgame version of the Void Titan.

Recommended speed

This is a very aggressive build that focuses on getting straight into the faces of enemies and bombarding them with close range shots and abilities.

Repellent splint is a mandatory mod that greatly increases the survivability of the Titan. The best weapons to use with this are the unforgiven and The Hero’s Burden SMGs and Floritara-59 Handgun. Players can also use the hollow denial Trace Rifle, although ammo will become an issue.

For the exotic armor piece, use the Heart of Intimate Light for maximum energy regeneration capability.

The Unforgivable SMG of the Duality Dungeon - Destiny 2
The Unforgivable SMG of the Duality Dungeon – Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (via Light.gg)

Class Setup

  • Aspects
    • Controlled demolition
    • Offensive bulwark
  • fragments
    • Decay Echo
    • Exchange echo
    • Echo of instability

Controlled demolition is the star of this build. It makes any enemy hit by abilities Volatile, which will cause them to explode when killed or when enough damage is dealt to them. Volatile Explosions will also heal the Titan for a fixed amount of HP while in AOE range.

Offensive bulwark is better for the aggressive playstyle this build enforces as it extends Overshields and grants melee damage and grenade recharge bonuses. It also activates Melee Wellmaker on-kill.

Fragments are used to obtain Volatile Rounds and inflict the Weakened debuff on targets with Grenades. Insert either Echo of Obscurity for Void invisibility on Finisher kills or Echo of Starvation to gain Devour when picking up on Orb of Power.

Armor Mods

  • Elemental armaments
  • Basic ammunition
  • power font
  • melee wells
  • Abundant wells

This mod setup offers three different ways to produce at least two elemental wells. Players will be able to complete their Scatter Grenade and Shield Throw abilities very quickly with these mods equipped in addition to the regeneration granted by Heart of Inmost Light.

Season 19 monochrome maestro works exceptionally well with this build as it makes heavy use of weapons and abilities. However, the build will still work even without any seasonal mods equipped.

A high survivability Sentinel setup for Titans
A high survivability Sentinel setup for Titans
Destiny 2

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