Discover the hidden beaches of the Caribbean

The Caribbean has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and some are hidden in places accessible only by boat or plane.

Here are some amazing shores where visitors can relax amid sublime nature.


Rosalie Bay Beach, Dominica

This secluded beach, located in southeast Dominica, is one of the best places to enjoy the spectacle of nesting hawksbill turtles. In addition, this spot is a sanctuary of well-being with accommodation sites specially designed to release stress and find peace.

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Although not easily accessible, Rosalie Bay Beach is a very active ecotourism destination. Some packages are offered for the whole family with water activities and wildlife experiences.

Little Knip Beach, Curacao

On this beach there are no facilities, so visitors who want to spend a day of sun and sand should bring their drinks and food for an incredible adventure in a pristine environment full of natural life.

This paradise is located on the western side of Curacao and is nestled between large rocky mountains. The transparent and calm waters make it ideal for diving and snorkeling in the coral reef, where countless marine flora and fauna live, such as turtles and manta rays. There are no crowds but several viewpoints, picnic tables, hammocks, umbrellas and a small restaurant.

The transparent and calm waters of CuraƧao are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

The soft sand makes this beach one of the best walking beaches in the Caribbean. The waters are clear and calm, palm trees ring the shore, and the sand is not only soft but white.

This beach is ideal for tourists traveling with the family, with activities such as glass bottom boats, sport fishing and bird watching, as well as visits to the various cays in the area, such as Prickly Pear. Other popular activities are catamaran trips, snorkeling, swimming, walking or simply enjoying the fresh seafood served at the various restaurants in the area.

Rendezvous Bay on Anguilla Caribbean
Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla is one of the best walking beaches in the Caribbean. (Photo via shalamov/iStock/Getty Images Plus).

Bathway Beach, Grenada

This undeveloped beach in Levera National Park, located in the northeast corner of the island, is where Grenadians typically go swimming. Although it overlooks a rough ocean, the beach has a vast natural lagoon with eroded rocks.

Despite being one of Grenada’s most hidden corners, Bathway Beach is a trendy destination for local tourism, with people gathering to enjoy the music, drinks, delicious food and lush nature.

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