Disney Dreamlight Valley Shares Incredible Community Stats

Disney Dreamlight Valley posts a tweet acknowledging fans for playing the game over the year and also releases some outstanding stats.

Disney Valley of Dreams thanks players at the end of the year and shows community achievements and stats with staggering numbers that represent how much fun fans had with the game in 2022. Players really appreciate Disney’s Dream Valley of Lights, as the stats prove, and hope for even more exciting content as the new year approaches.

Disney Valley of DreamsHoliday events and themes are always on point as players attempt to create yule logs, build snowmen, taste test holiday cookies, and even catch festive fish wearing fun holiday hats. For a game that’s only been out for four months, fans really put a lot of hours and effort into grinding the game’s best assets and creating some pretty imaginative creations.


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Disney Valley of Dreams tweets a big thank you to game players and also shares some stats that show how much gamers love the game. Fans have logged 76 million in-game hours, in total, and even created 4.6 million designs personalized. Players quickly clear the map, removing a total of 930 million Night Thorns, harvesting 510 million Pumpkins, and opening 3.8 million Realm Gates.

The tweet also reveals the players’ favorite food to cook (fruit salad), their most caught fish (herring), and the most popular activity in the village (mining). Alongside that, Disney Valley of DreamsThe rewards of are also reviewed as the game has received overwhelmingly positive feedback across all platforms.

There’s a lot for fans to do in this complex game, and new players can easily get overwhelmed with the number of tasks and things to do. Disney Valley of DreamsThe list of recipes alone is quite daunting. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful and other guides and articles online that players can refer to in order to get the most out of their Dreamlight Valley experience.

Game developers are committed to delivering more and more content to gamers over time. As Disney Valley of Dreams continues to receive updates that unlock new content, the game is sure to attract even more players and fans around the world who are in love with the many different universes that exist under the Disney name.

Disney Valley of Dreams is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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