Dog found abandoned, tied up outside the airport and cared for at the shelter

A year-old dog apparently abandoned at the Des Moines airport on Thursday is now in good hands.

The dog was found tied up outside the airport after his owner was unable to take him on a flight, Today reported Friday.

According to Animal Rescue League (ARL) Iowa CEO Tom Colvin, staff received a call from airport employees alerting them to the puppy. The owner apparently did not have a suitable travel kennel for the dog.

The person tried to board with the dog but was not allowed to do so. The individual left, but later returned alone and boarded the flight, Colvin said.

Authorities eventually learned the person’s name and are now investigating the case involving the dog, which rescuers named Allie.

“Allie is incredibly sweet and is now safe under our care and the loving attention of our team. The incident is still an active investigation, and more details will be released as they can be shared. This puppy is just one of more than 10,000 pets the ARL has already cared for this year,” the ARL wrote in a social media post on Friday.

Video footage shows someone hugging and scratching the brown and white dog’s back as it vigorously wags its tail:

LEFT DOG AT AIRPORT: Unprecedented flight cancellations have left thousands stranded at airports this week, but airlines weren’t to blame for this sweet pup stranded at Des Moines airport yesterday… When ARL Animal Services officers responded to a call about a dog tied up outside the airport, airline workers told us the dog was unable to board the flight home with his owner because the owner didn’t have a kennel. They said the owner left the airport with the dog, but returned alone and boarded his flight. The one-year-old dog, who we call Allie, was later found tied up outside the airport. Allie is incredibly sweet and is now safe in our care and the loving attention of our team. The incident is still an active investigation, and more details will be released as they can be shared. This pup is just one of over 10,000 pets the ARL has cared for so far this year. You can help Allie and the hundreds of other animals we care for get a fresh start in the new year. Just use the button below, go to our website at or help via Venmo @ARL-Iowa.

Posted by Animal Rescue League of Iowa on Friday, December 30, 2022

Allie is unavailable for encouragement as officials look into what happened, but she seems happy to be in such good hands, Colvin noted.

“(She is) very friendly and loved all the airport staff who came out, brought her a blanket, stayed with her, loved her, giving her full attention until our airport officers animal services come out and pick her up,” he said.

ARL supporters have had their say on the matter, with one person writing, “I would come home with my dog ​​before leaving her tied up at an airport.”

“I mean, a quick Google search shows that most airlines require a kennel and give pretty clear expectations on kennel requirements. At least it was warm yesterday poor girl,” another commented.

If the dog is not claimed after the investigation is complete, she will be put up for adoption, Colvin explained.

A similar case occurred recently when a dog abandoned at the San Francisco airport was adopted, Breitbart News reported Monday.

“The dog later had a wonderful stroke of luck when United Airlines Captain William Dale decided to take him home to join his family,” the outlet said.

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