Dragonflight Teases Patch 10.1 Story

A hidden weekly quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight hints at future plot points, characters, and mysteries players will find in patch 10.1.

A weekly quest in World of Warcraft drops hints for some major plot arcs to come Dragonflight Update 10.1. This easy-to-miss weekly quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight literally dive into the history of the Dragon Islands and some of its oldest inhabitants.

In the Waking Shores area of Dragonflight, players can find a neutral Djaradin NPC named Tarjin the Blind. By talking to him, players learn how he lost his sight while fighting a red dragon and how he left the Djaradin to pursue his earth and firebending. Players can also accept the weekly quest, Tarjin’s Tales, which allows players to hear the legends of Djaradin in exchange for five impressive dragon skulls, obtained from rare dragon mobs across the Dragon Islands.


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Each week, Tarjin shares a new story from the history of the Djaradin with players. One tells the story of a Vrykul warlord who once crashed on the Forbidden Reach area from Dragonflight and became an honorary Djaradin, while another tells the story of a Qalashi warlord who conquered the other Djaradin tribes by honing his tribe’s strength by fighting only the most powerful enemies: dragons.

However, some of the tales cover an interesting topic that might become relevant in Dragonflight Update 10.1. Tarjin tells the player about the Ancients – four Djaradin shamans who dug deep into the earth to take control of earth and fire. These Old Ones fashioned the Djaradin with this power, only to be defeated by Neltharion’s “honourless trickery”. According to legends, the Ancients were not killed but rather retreated into the earth to recover their strength.

The most recent of Tarjin’s Tales ties these stories together. Warlord Qalashi retreated into the earth to implore the Sleeping Ancients for the power to defeat the Aspects, only to find Iridikron, the Primal Incarnate of Earth and the next major antagonist of Dragonflight. The two made a deal, leading to an alliance between the Djaradin and the Primalists. However, Tarjin clearly explains Djaradin’s plan to kill the primalist proto-dragons as soon as the dragonflights are wiped out.

Tales of Tarjin are interesting to many World of Warcraft traditional dogs. Lots of clues in Dragonflight pointed to Patch 10.1 taking players to an underground area, and Warlord Qalashi and the four Elder Djaradin may end up becoming major characters and raid bosses in the near future. Gamers won’t have to wait long to find out, according to World of Warcraft recent roadmap for 2023, fans will know where they are going in patch 10.1 during the story chapter coming in patch 10.0.7 in the spring.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is now available for PC.

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