Dwarf Fortress devs announce editing tools for “more artistic work”

The developers of Dwarf Fortress reveal the upcoming release of editing tools for the game, much like those in Minecraft’s creative mode.

dwarf fortress fans often have an exciting upcoming feature to look forward to, but developers Tarn and Zach Adams have now revealed that a Minecraft-the creative mode could also arrive in the future. As one of the first games to enter a perpetual state of development, dwarf fortress is an endless project that the Adams brothers only aim to make even more complete over time.

Having started its development in 2002, dwarf fortress basically started the niche of construction and management simulations such as Factorio and Rimworld. These indie games present players with a burgeoning sandbox that grows increasingly engaging and complex as they progress, and a new interview with the Adams Brothers highlighted the fact that dwarf fortress not going to be outdone in this regard anytime soon.


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dwarf fortress launched on Steam in early December, ensuring the game would be in the limelight during the holiday season. This approach has paid off for the Adams Brothers, who recently spoke to PC Gamer about their future plans for the game’s development. They specifically mentioned the long-awaited upcoming release of the game’s procedural magic and mythology systems, but the potentially more important revelation was that dwarf fortress is also going to get special editing tools, allowing players to essentially play the game in a “creative mode” that’s no different than Minecraft.

dwarf fortress how to trade

“The idea is that people can build their own worlds that they can share that are more static, and they can do more artistic work,” Tarn Adams said. These powerful editing tools are however associated with the nascent magic systems the game is likely to receive at some point, and removing them will require a complete overhaul of dwarf fortressthe map generation function. Since dwarf fortress sold incredibly well on Steam, however, the Adams brothers are bound to be motivated to keep developing the game at a steady pace.

The Adams brothers believe that the magic systems in the game will be a huge paradigm shift for just about every other system in the game. dwarf fortress, but getting everything out is going to take a bit of time. In the meantime, newcomers to the Steam game have plenty of time to learn how to perform various basic actions that might not be immediately apparent, such as exchanging dwarf fortress.

It is worth pointing out dwarf fortress the developers also spoke with GameRant earlier this year, discussing a number of development-related topics for the game. The Adams brothers revealed that the game will eventually feature Steam Workshop support, which could be particularly interesting in tandem with the newly announced editing tools. As with most things related to dwarf fortresshowever, it may be years before these features come to fruition.

dwarf fortress is available on PC.

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Source: PC Gamer

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