Elden Ring Fans Think The Golden Seeds Look Like A Well-Known Candy

An Elden Ring fan points out that the helpful golden seeds found in the Lands Between look a lot like some real-world candy.

A Ring of Elden fan pointed out that Golden Seeds looks like a popular confectionery, and the response from the community is nothing short of hilarious. Similarities between Ring of Elden and other FromSoftware properties have been constantly discovered since their release, but there are more than a few parallels to be drawn with things found in real life.

Golden seeds are loved by Ring of Elden players, who are grateful each time they come across the glowing trees that produce them. As a limited resource with which Tarnished can enhance the ability of the Flask of Crimson Tears (and by extension the Flask of Cerulean Tears), any player traversing the Lands Between is very grateful when they discover them. Whether someone wants to upgrade their primary source of health regen or be able to continuously cast Comet Azur, the prospect of finding Golden Seeds makes exploration all the more tempting.


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An image posted to Reddit by Open_Profit_Close captures the icon associated with Golden Seeds, but the Ferrero Rocher logo is superimposed in the middle. Chocolate and hazelnut confectionery, produced by the Italian company Ferrero, itself does not look suspiciously like an expensive Ring of Elden, but that changes if the gold wrapper hasn’t been removed. Viewed from a distance, a Golden Seed and a Ferrero Rocher Bullet are rather indistinguishable, a comparison many have apparently made before.

Comments responded to the “I know I’m not the only one” caption with the traditional memetic attitude FromSoftware communities have cultivated over the years of playing punishing games with depressing narratives. “I am Ferrero, Blade of Nutella” gave a good start to the playful use of linguistics that was destined to unfold, parodying Malenia’s infamous phrase, Blade of Miquella. Praetor Rykard’s slurred speech has been changed to create “together we can devote the very candy of gawdssss”, referencing the beloved line uttered by the Lord of Blasphemy as he transitions into his second phase .

Others joked that while Ferrero Rocher was present in Ring of Elden, players would unwrap them only to find that the chocolate had been replaced with a Shabriri raisin. However, anyone who has read the item description or progressed through Hyetta’s quest will know that the grapes are actually eyeballs, but apparently feel like “one big overripe grape.” Horrifying as that may be, it would certainly be on the mark for FromSoftware to do something of this nature if the terrors that exist in its games are anything to go by.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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