Elden Ring players discuss the meaning of the NPC giving you jellyfish

Sent on a mission to fight Godrick, only to have all her companions transplanted and left to die by the side of the road, Roderika’s story is a tragic one.

“Everyone who came with me. They crossed the sea for me. They fought for me. Only to get caught up in arms,” ​​Roderika says when you first meet her. “Their legs taken. Even their heads…taken. Taken and glued to the spider.”

Roderika, like any other Elden Ring NPC, is a bit creepy, and when you first meet her she has a terrifying story of how she is the sole survivor of a group of travelers who have been grafted onto a “spider”. She then hands you some jellyfish spirit ashes and you set off on your adventure, hopefully not joining her comrades as a mutilated mess of loosely attached limbs.


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You may have just carried on with the ashes and forgotten all about Roderika, which many Reddit users seem to have done themselves, but there’s more to her story, as many have shared in the thread. You can find a pile of Torn Corpses left in Stormveil Castle, right next to a Scion Grafted miniboss. Here you will get the Chrystalids’ Memento, an item you can give to Roderika to unlock her shop where you can upgrade your Spirit Ashes.

Given that we find this item by a grafted scion and a pile of corpses, it’s likely these are the same fellow travelers she mentioned. The good news is that we didn’t join them, and with this article, neither did she. Instead, Roderika will travel to the safety of the roundtable. From there, you can talk to Smithing Master Hewg and convince him to take her under his wing as an apprentice. Come back after a while and she’ll be by his side, ready to upgrade your Spirit Ashes.

There’s still the mystery of who that entourage was, but if you dig deep enough, there are answers. As DirtyRanga12 puts it, “She was the leader of a group of Ternis trying to claim the rune of Godrick. Her rant is about regretting sending her followers to their deaths and not dying with them.” LongBarrelBandit added: “She also references Varre when talking to the player, so I think she may have been directed to Stormveil by Varre, just like we are in the beginning.”

Going further, some players discovered that she “was an ‘unwanted’ royal relative exiled from overseas, who came with a sequel”. This is revealed through his hood, which has the description, “Worn by expatriate royalty…Such capes were given to those who set out on journeys in no specific order, to distant lands from which they would never return…Roderika never once seen the direction of grace.”

Like many Elden Ring characters, Roderika’s story is tragic, but we can help her find purpose and a way to channel her attunement with the spirits for “good” (or rather our benefit). This is all a bit selfish, but it’s the same with Tarnished. Anyway, we can at least avenge his traveling troupe.

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