Elden Ring players’ favorite ending is, unsurprisingly, Ranni’s

And for those who didn’t feel like teaming up with Ranni, the second most popular choice was to burn it all down. Take that, Lands Between.

Elden Ring has the most endings of any Soulsborne game, with six in total. There is the Age of Fracture, Age of Twilight, Age of Order, Blessing of Despair, Lord of Frenzied Flame, and Age of Stars. The latter is the one most people are looking for, given that it’s the end of Ranni – a blue witch who gets along with a wolfman? The internet was always going to love it.

“Which ending did you choose and why was it the age of the stars?” Reddit user AlfalfaBorn8535 posted. Most people only answered that, the age of the stars, and so there were a lot more answers to the “why” of the question, rather than the “who”. DudeMiles commented, “Because her quest is the most involved. Ignoring the original intentions of siding with her in the first place, she has you explore beautiful underground cities (except Rot Lake), forge bonds, slaying bosses and a moonlit sword. And then she just had to call me ‘dear’ and her ‘one and only Lord.'”


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What DudeMiles fails to mention is the heartbreak of having Blaidd turn on you, our lovable wolf knight with whom we slay bosses, fight side-by-side against Radahn, and venture through perilous unknown labyrinths with. What makes it doubly tragic is that it doesn’t turn against us by choice, fighting it to the bitter end. Maybe Ranni is the right choice, but I won’t see that again.

A close follow-up to Ranni’s is the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending, AKA the Chaos ending. This one is earned by encountering the Three Fingers who will give you the Frenzied Flame to use at the Forge, where you can sacrifice yourself instead of Melina. Later, she will return without the mark on her eye, and you will become the Lord of Chaos with one goal in mind: burn it all down. Some chose it for the appropriate chaos of it all, others did it because “in the end I was so fed up with the game”, and one person did “bc i accidentally chosen while being naked at the bottom of a dungeon”.

Accidentally getting an ending is another common theme in the post, as a handful of people said they had no idea what ending they got, as they accidentally pressed “A” after the fight against the final boss, plunging them into the world they had paved. the way by chance. Ranni’s ending, by comparison, is the longest to unlock, and so many people picked her first just to brush her aside on the road to 100% (or Platinum).

And if you take a look at PSN and Steam, Ranni is the one most players have a trophy for, surpassing even the easiest to get base game ending. So, to no one’s surprise, Ranni is the popular choice, but it’s good to know that so many people just burned it all down.

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