Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos seeks 18 months house arrest to avoid jail

  • Elizabeth Holmes has asked for a lenient 18-month home sentence before her sentencing next week.
  • Lawyers said jail was unnecessary because Holmes had already been “mocked and reviled” enough.
  • Holmes faces up to 20 years in prison for each of the four fraud charges she was convicted of.

Convicted Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has appealed for ‘leniency’ in the form of an 18-month house sentence as she awaits sentencing next week, according to reports.

An 82-page filing seen by The Associated Press and Bloomberg reportedly shows she asked for a lenient sentence under house arrest, along with more than 130 letters from friends, family, Theranos investors and former employees. of Holmes, who the attorneys said featured “the real Elizabeth Holmes.”

Lawyers for Holmes, who was convicted in January on multiple fraud charges, told U.S. District Judge Edward Davila that sending her to jail was unnecessary after she was stigmatized by intense media coverage that had turned into a “caricature to be mocked and reviled”. AP reported.

“We recognize that this may seem like a tall order given the public perception of this case – particularly when Ms Holmes is viewed as the caricature, not the person,” the filing reads, according to the news agency.

Prosecutors are expected to impose a much harsher sentence on Holmes, who faces up to 20 years in prison on each of the four counts on which she was convicted, when her sentencing trial begins on November 18. Holmes was denied three requests for a new trial following his conviction.

Holmes rose to fame after leaving Stanford at 19 to found the Blood Monitoring health technology company, which has already attracted a $9 billion valuation.

Theranos collapsed after the Food and Drug Administration began investigating “major inaccuracies” in the company’s testing, bolstered by a 2015 report by Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou highlighting its difficulties with the technology.

Holmes was found guilty of four counts of fraud related to investments made by hedge fund manager Brian Grossman, the DeVos family and former Cravath attorney Daniel Mosley, with the jury failing to reach a verdict on three other counts.

Sunny Balwani, his former partner, was convicted separately in July of the 12 counts of investor and patient fraud he was originally charged with.

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