Emma Corrin doesn’t care if people get their pronouns wrong

  • Emma Corrin said it’s okay when people get their pronouns wrong as long as they put in the effort.
  • In an interview with The Telegraph, Corrin opened up about being a non-binary actor in female roles.
  • The actor said they correct people who get their pronouns wrong and move on.

Emma Corrin said they don’t mind people getting pronouns wrong as long as they’re “just trying”.

In an interview with The Telegraph’s Claire Allfree published on Saturday, ‘The Crown’ star opened up about her experiences as a non-binary person. Corrin first changed her pronouns to she/they in July 2021, later crediting their role as Princess Diana in the hit drama as the catalyst for their coming out. The actor now uses the pronouns them/them.

Corrin told the Telegraph they are lenient when people cheat on them – as long as they show they are putting in the effort.

“I don’t mind if people get my pronouns wrong, it’s fine. Try it, and I’ll correct you if necessary and gradually we’ll move on,” they said. “It won’t happen overnight.”

Corrin has also spoken about being a non-binary actor playing traditionally female roles, like Connie Reid in Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.” The film will be released on December 2, according to IMDb.

“I may not be binary, but the majority of my experience on the planet has been a female experience. My gender identity is no longer a rejection of that, but an embrace,” they said. “And I think Connie’s journey, regardless of your sexuality or gender, is about a search for liberation, for feeling – this idea that we shouldn’t put up with anything less than being in our bodies and to be allowed to feel sexually and be satisfied.”

The actor also spoke about the subject in an interview with BBC News on Friday, in which they said they hoped more non-binary and queer representation would lead to gender-neutral categories at awards ceremonies at the coming.

“You can discuss awards and representation there, but the conversation really needs to be about greater representation in the material itself, in the content that we see for non-binary people, for queer people, for trans people, because then I think that’s going to change a lot,” they said.

After Corrin’s quote about gender-neutral awards was picked up by multiple outlets, the “My Policeman” star followed up with a response on Instagram the same day.

A post shared by Emma Corrin (@emmaloisecorrin)

“…we are walking in very tricky waters when it comes to the portrayal of gender in media and when you reduce entire conversations to clickbait, it’s not only offensive, but you risk scaring people off. people to speak fully and what our community needs to know more than ever that our openness and honesty will not be taken advantage of,” Corrin wrote.

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