Everything Prince Harry Said About Prince William in ‘Harry & Meghan’

Harry and Meghan expressed their frustration with William’s office in episode six.

Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a walk at Windsor Castle

Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a walk at Windsor Castle on September 10, 2022.

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Meghan Markle has sued the Mail on Sunday’s parent company, Associated Newspapers, for publishing a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, before her wedding.

Meghan won the original lawsuit, but The Associated Press appealed. During the call, Jason Knauf – the director of communications whom William, Kate, Harry and Meghan shared – voluntarily provided a witness statement which included a text message Meghan had sent him regarding a draft of the letter.

In the post, Meghan wrote that she knew there was a possibility the texts could be leaked and asked for Knauf’s input, which the Associated Press legal team tried to use as evidence that Meghan s expected the letter to become public.

In episode six of ‘Harry & Meghan’, Sussex lawyer Jenny Afia said: ‘Unfortunately he just couldn’t have done this without the authority of his bosses’, implying that Knauf had William’s permission to go to court.

Harry, Meghan and one of their friends also discussed Knauf’s witness statement in a scene from the episode.

“He works for his brother,” their friend Mandana Dayani said, expressing frustration that the tabloids had portrayed Knauf as Harry and Meghan’s former assistant instead of William and Kate’s employee.

“But this – I know. Like this,” Meghan said, raising her hands. “He’s your brother. I won’t say anything about your brother, but it’s so obvious.”

“It’s even more obvious that they’ll try to cover it up,” Harry agreed. “Again, ‘Jason, Meghan and Harry’s former assistant’, as opposed to…”

“That’s what I keep saying! Why is he being referred to as his former assistant and not the person who works for your brother?” Dayani replied

“That’s why I now live in another country,” Harry replied. “Because all communications teams try to outdo each other, but that’s the deal. The symbiotic relationship between the two institutions is working as best they can.”

Meghan finally won the appeal in December 2021.

The episode included a statement from Knauf’s lawyer that his witness statement was voluntary: “These claims are entirely untrue. Mr Knauf has been asked to provide evidence by both the Duchess of Sussex and the associated newspapers He was advised by the attorney that the evidence in his possession might be relevant and he then provided it directly to the court, remaining neutral in the process.”

Another screen card included a statement from Meghan’s lawyer on the matter: “Meghan’s legal team, the Duchess of Sussex, dispute this claim. Mr Knauf was not asked to provide a statement of witness by the Duchess or her team,” the statement read. “Nor do his lawyers believe Mr Knauf remained ‘neutral’ by submitting a witness statement relied on by Associated Newspapers while working for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

Representatives for Kensington Palace did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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