Fans stunned as ex-player suggests bizarre set of rule changes for football

A former footballer has caused a stir after proposing a bizarre set of rule changes.

The IFAB, (The International Football Association Board) is in charge of the laws in the beautiful game, and occasionally announces adjustments and new rules in order to improve the game of football.

We’ve seen VAR become a fundamental part of the game lately, with goalkeepers having to keep one foot behind the line for penalties and five substitutes in some leagues.

But Alexi Lalas, who was the first American to play in Serie A in 1994, has some suggestions for new rules to be introduced.

The former United States international and former LA Galaxy defender took to Twitter to share his thoughts with his 410,000 Twitter followers.

theThe State of the Union podcast host wants the nets enlarged and believes a strike from outside the box should count as two goals.

Additionally, he feels that 35-yard shootouts are a better option than penalties, that kicks should be a thing, and that offsides are only valid in the final 35 yards.

The 52-year-old also believes there should be a hockey ‘penalty box’ to punish players and to simplify handball altogether.

But naturally, the proposal did not meet with a positive response and Lalas received a lot of backlash.

One fan wrote: ‘How would football improve: @AlexiLalas stop talking about it…’

Another replied: “Most important: -Don’t listen to @AlexiLalas for football advice.”

A third said: “Wait…..what…..? This is crazy. It’s football, it’s already perfect. The encroachment of non-legacy ideas, such as #VAR, is the reason for which people think it needs to be fixed.”

A fourth joked: ‘Cup competitions: mascots go in goal for extra time.’

A fifth commented: “My favorite part of offbeat ideas is when it comes from a world class player. They are one of us.”

In the past, respected figures in the world of football have been full of ideas on how to improve the game, but they have fallen on deaf ears.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

Meanwhile, in June, it was reported that the Dutch football association wanted to test drastic further changes in the 2023/24 season.

The KNVB wants to experiment with five ‘tweaks’ to the game –– throw-ins become kicks, a five-minute penalty after a yellow card, free-kick dribbling is allowed, unlimited substitutions and clear playing time of 2 halves of 30 minutes.

Jan Dirk van der Zee, who is the director of amateur football at the KNVB, said the changes would make the game “faster, sportier, fairer and more attractive”.

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