Feather SuperPod with Wi-Fi 6E

As we close out 2022, there’s one piece of equipment I’ve reviewed this year that stands out above all others, one that works tirelessly in the background to not only optimize my home’s wireless network, but also to defend all its devices against attacks. .

Feather SuperPod with WiFi 6E.

In a world where home wireless mesh networks are served by white plastic towers that tower over your decorations or squat boxes that litter your home like tech warts, Plume is different. These silver hex lugs plug directly into the wall and usually stay out of the way, taking up no more space than an oversized wall adapter.

In fact, at a glance, you’d be hard pressed to pick one Plume SuperPod over another. The latest and greatest adds 6E, to deliver internet to your modern devices (like the latest iPhones and iPads) and can handle internet at up to 2.5Gb/s from your ISP. Unfortunately, they still only have a WAN and LAN port each, so you’ll have to get inventive if you have a lot of Ethernet devices.

Interestingly enough, on paper, Plume isn’t the fastest router I’ve tested this year. Compared to other big names like Linksys and Asus, Plume can’t even approach their top speeds. And for maybe the first five minutes after you plug them in, it matters. That first speed test you run from your laptop in the back room of the house will ultimately be disappointing.

Then the magic happens.

It might not be magic, but Plume’s cloud-based algorithms might as well be magic with the way they’re able to deliver maximum speeds to all the devices in your home, even those stuck in tricky corners of the room. home, without using huge amounts of bandwidth break through. Plume SuperPods with 6E don’t just harness as much bandwidth as they can, they determine where and when you need speed.

Do you take video conference calls in the middle of the day and stop using your home office devices after a certain hour? Plume knows and redistributes available bandwidth on your network so devices that need more juice in the evening, like your smart TV, get what they need.

It does all this automatically without any intervention on your part thanks to a monthly subscription. Unlike other routers that bug you for optional security add-ons every time you open the app, Plume puts the decision in your hands. When you buy your SuperPods, you’re also buying a subscription (you don’t have to keep paying indefinitely, but your SuperPods will no longer dynamically rebalance and protect your devices).

Subscribing to an internet router is not something we want to do. And when you’re already paying around $750 for three Plume SuperPods with 6E WiFi, you don’t want there to be an extra charge on top of that. But for around $7 a month (with a 3-year prepaid subscription), it’s more than worth having WiFi that adapts to your home and your specific devices, no matter what changes.

Plume also monitors your IoT devices for security vulnerabilities, blocks internet ads (which may also save you a prescription drug ad or two on Hulu), helps you monitor your kids’ devices, and can even detect movements in your home. With the built-in subscription, you’ll have no excuse not to play around with the app’s advanced features. Luckily, Plume’s Homepass is one of the best networking apps I’ve ever used.

The layout is clear and simple. It has Speedtest built in so you can easily monitor your ISP’s speed (to make sure they’re not cheating you on bandwidth). I wish you could manually prioritize devices, but I’m really clinging to the possibility of being able to do this in other routers’ apps. I do not really have needed doing this since I installed Plume at home.

Plume doesn’t just provide a network you don’t have to think about, it delivers consistently fast, secure, and reliable internet.

I’ve reviewed the Plume SuperPods before and always come away impressed with how well they actually deliver on their promise of improving connectivity between your devices. Yes, you have to pay a subscription fee, but the benefit is that you have an ever-changing network, ensuring that as things change in your home, accommodations are made to ensure your speed doesn’t not drop.

More than that, Plume actively checks your network. If they see something wrong, they’ll email you within a few hours asking if there’s anything they can do to help. It’s refreshing in a world where you have to find help for the things you subscribe to (I’m looking at those ISPs over there).

There are cheaper home network solutions. Some are faster. There isn’t a single mesh router available that offers the kind of seamless connectivity and protection that Plume offers.

Start the new year with a better home network. Plume has an offer running on all of their devices on their site right now.

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