Fire Emblem Engage Presents Panette

With Fire Emblem Engage releasing in January, Nintendo is announcing another of its new characters, the royal warrior Panette.

Nintendo just announced the new character to join the Fire Emblem Engage list in the form of the royal warrior Panette. With its next release on January 20, 2023, more character announcements are welcome to spark interest in the game.

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry in the acclaimed tactical role-playing game franchise. The game is set on the continent of Elysos and features the ability to summon the series’ previous protagonists using so-called Emblem Rings, an important item players must gather to defeat the antagonist of the game, the Fell Dragon.


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The official Fire Emblem Twitter account introduced new character Panette, the latest to join the playable cast who isn’t from a previous game. Her rich history was detailed in three different tweets. Panette is a servant of Crown Princess Timerra, comes from the Kingdom of Solm, and is assigned as a berserker for her starting class. She joins characters such as Lumière, Vale, Etie and Alear as they make their debut in Fire Emblem Engage.

According to posts on Twitter, Panette is described as being elegant in nature and speaking in a manner befitting a royal servant. However, it is implied by her backstory that this was not always the case and that she had a rougher side, which sometimes shows up during battles. It’s still unclear how Princess Timerra and Panette’s relationship will affect Fire Emblem Engagethe plot, but it’s definitely an interesting facet of the character.

The game itself will appeal heavily to nostalgia, taking a slew of well-known characters from previous games such as Marth, Roy, Lucina, and Byleth to name a few. Therefore, the announcement of more new characters to join Fire Emblem Engage is definitely a welcome addition to help build originality and add to the lore of the franchise. The addition of new names such as Panette will be an opportunity to create interesting interactions between the fire emblem old and new characters to keep the story fresh.

the fire emblem The franchise seems to like using old tropes and old characters to give players a sense of in-game familiarity. Fans may recall Fire Emblem Awakening‘s fan service in which the name Marth was an identity used by the in-game character Lucina, not to mention later DLCs that added characters like Roy. Whether Fire Emblem Engage wants the franchise to stay strong, it will need to move away from reliance on the classics and help build the future by expanding the richness of lore, perhaps focusing only on referencing previous events rather than inclusion outright characters from previous games.

Fire Emblem Engage will be released on January 20, 2023 on Nintendo Switch.

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Source: FireEmblemJP/Twitter

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