Fire Emblem Engage preview focuses on Anna

The Fire Emblem Engage gameplay preview videos focus on a new iteration of the recurring playable character, fearless merchant Anna.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems release a new series of gameplay preview videos for Fire Emblem Engage which focus on Anna, a recurring character in the franchise. He’s a fan-favorite character who’s made an appearance in every single. fire emblem game to date, including spinoffs like Fire Emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem Heroes, each Anna being a different iteration. Anna has often played the role of a non-playable character, her focus varying from game to game, but is generally seen as a merchant running a secret shop. Since Fire Emblem Awakening, however, a version of Anna has been a playable character, and Fire Emblem Engage gives another that players can recruit into their army.


Whereas Fire Emblem EngageThe trailers of have provided a lot of information to gamers about the protagonist, story and mechanics, the official Twitter account has shared short previews of the game which provide more information about the characters introduced in the game. These include a brief biography of their character, as well as their starting class and supporting conversation. The latest videos shared on the account focus on this latest playable iteration of Anna.

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Unlike the other versions of Anna seen so far, according to SatsumaFS translations, this version of Anna is a merchant-in-training, suggesting a younger sister to the multiple Annas across the fire emblem franchise. She still has the same personality, however, where she travels the world in search of treasure that can sell for a high profit.

This inexperienced version of Anna is emphasized in a few areas. Players noticed that Anna looked younger than other playable versions in the franchise, as well as her starting class in Fire Emblem Engage be an Ax Fighter instead of a Trickster or Thief class. Ax fighters in this game are described as being glass cannon in a sense, where they have great strength with their weapon of choice, but have low defenses. This is demonstrated with a short gameplay clip in which Anna defeats an enemy in one hit with a critical hit.

The latest clip shared by the account shows Anna having a supportive conversation with the protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage. While she is initially nervous in front of Alear, her merchant instinct kicks in to try to make deals. While some note that nervousness plays into this version of Anna being an inexperienced merchant compared to her sisters, others were amused that all of the Annas still have the same instinct to be a businesswoman.

Fire Emblem Engage will be released for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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