Fortnite Glitch Allows Players To Bounce Indefinitely With The Shockwave Hammer

A Fortnite player finds a way to get infinite bounces using the Shockwave Hammer, making fans wonder if he’ll be vaulted soon.

A Fortnite player found an issue when using the Shockwave Hammer which causes the user to bounce endlessly. As soon as FortniteWith the launch of Chapter 4 Season 1 and the release of the trailer, fans were able to get a taste of what might happen once matchmaking is activated and they could get back to the action.

One of the standout moments in the season’s trailer was seeing Geralt of Rivia hold the new Shockwave Hammer, swing it, and bounce towards enemy players to bring its brute force down on them. It was the first look at this completely different type of weapon, and while it sounded exciting and made players want to try it out for themselves, it also made them fear how powerful it could be when it was down. used against them. Although the Shockwave Hammer spawns more abundantly in certain parts of the island, it can still be found everywhere in Epic and Legendary rarity;


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The community seems to be divided regarding the introduction of the Shockwave Hammer for Fortnite. Some like it and think it brings balance to the game, and some hate countering it and think it’s overpowered. This discussion got even hotter when a fan discovered a glitch that caused them to bounce infinitely when using the hammer. It appears that if the player is holding a Shockwave Hammer near a body of water, they can use the Bounce option just as the hammer hits the water to cause it to jump endlessly. So every time they press the Jump button, instead of jumping, they’ll be bouncing back just like they would with the hammer. It won’t even activate the cooldown that was designed to make it a more balanced weapon.

Even though some fans don’t like the Shockwave Hammer, it’s still one of the best weapons available this Fortnite season. However, it could eventually be vaulted, not only due to issues with it, but also due to the community’s belief in it. In the end, despite its competitive side, Fortnite is supposed to be fun for everyone. Epic Games is doing its best to make it innovative but also as balanced as possible so that every player can enjoy it.

It’s unclear what the future holds for the Shockwave Hammer and how long it will be available outside of Creative Mode. Other items have been quietly removed from Fortnite before due to controversy and the Shockwave Hammer may soon join the roster.

Fortnite is available now on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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