Fortnite’s My Hero Academia PvP mode is a physical playground and a labor of love

Fortnite kicks off its third major anime crossover today with the introduction of My Hero Academia (MHA) content to the game. ‘Epic are tackling the My Hero series in an equally big way. Along with four in-game skins, an incredibly powerful new mythic weapon called Deku’s Smash, and in-game challenges, one of the best parts of the crossover is the new game mode, Hero Training Gym. The game mode was created in Fortnite Creative by Creative Zena studio founded by siblings that specializes in creating custom experiences inside Fortnite.

Speaking to GameSpot as we walked through his My Hero Academia PvP mode together, co-founder R-leeo Maoate explained how the team made a name for themselves in the Fortnite Creative space and what other dream projects Zen Creative team hope to work. in the future.