French media have found out why the Argentine star performs so well at the World Cup, fans are divided

Argentina captain Lionel Messi could be performing at a stunning level at the World Cup due to a major improvement in one area, according to French media.

Messi, 35, is potentially on the verge of winning his first World Cup title after leading Copa America champions Argentina to the final in Qatar.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner is level with Paris Saint-Germain team-mate Kylian Mbappe, whom he will face on Sunday, in the race for the World Cup Golden Boot.

French outlet Get French Football News has now claimed that Messi has benefited from his spell in Ligue 1 and has become ‘more physically robust’.

The publication backed up their claim by pointing to an interview Messi did with France Football following his high-profile move to the French capital.

“I really haven’t been here long. I’ve played very few games, so it’s hard to draw conclusions,” Messi said in October 2021, according to L’Equipe.

“But, at first glance, it’s a much more physical league than La Liga. Here the teams seem more powerful and the games are very intense, with little space.

“Most of the players are very strong. But it’s still a bit early for me to do a full analysis of Ligue 1, because it’s one thing to watch games and quite another to be on the pitch for them.

French Football News’ claim of Messi’s improved strength due to his move to Ligue 1 has led some fans to agree with the French outlet’s assessment.

“They’ll clown him but low key, there’s some truth in that and I think Messi would say the same,” a fan said in response.

Argentina captain Lionel Messi could win his first World Cup medal if his side beat France in the final on Sunday.  Credit: Alamy
Argentina captain Lionel Messi could win his first World Cup medal if his side beat France in the final on Sunday. Credit: Alamy

Another Twitter user said: “Getting cooked for saying something totally correct. Same [Eden] Hazard has already said it.

Someone else tweeted: “Hmm never thought about it. Very interesting. People who know Ligue 1 better have often told me that the French league is more physical than other leagues.

“It’s a FAX [sic] and I won’t answer any stupid [people] who disagree,” one fan commented.

A fifth fan added, “It’s actually very, very true.”

Not all fans agree that Messi benefits from the physique of the French top-flight league, with some claiming he has always performed well.

“This is such a shameless tweet [as] he has always been one of the hardest footballers to bully [and] it’s literally one of his best qualities,” one fan said.

While another posted: “What about the million times he’s been practically [beaten] in La Liga? »

A third added: “Messi has played against some of the toughest centre-backs in his first full-back in La Liga.”

And a fourth Twitter user wrote: “The man took on some of the best defenders I’ve seen in my life and made them look like kids. Are you new here?”

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