Game-Breaking High on Life Bug locks players into Applebee

Several High on Life players report locking themselves in an Applebee, ruining the game and forcing them to start all over again.

Weird game-breaking bug is trapped Raised on life players in an in-game Applebee. Players have taken to social media to report the issue, which, while fun, is breaking Raised on life and forcing players to completely start over and lose progress.

Raised on life is the latest game from Justin Roiland, best known as the co-creator and voice of the hugely popular cartoon rick and morty. Raised on life features a similar crude sense of humor and outlandish characters, appealing to fans of rick and mortybut none of these players expected to find themselves trapped in the American dining establishment Applebee’s.


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Many Raised on life players have taken to the web to report a problem with the game. During the game, players find themselves visiting an Applebee in space, but many report that once inside they cannot leave. Restarting the game or reloading the most recent save doesn’t seem like a solution. To make matters worse, some players have reported issues with them spawning in the Applebee when they shouldn’t have, and then getting trapped.

At this point, the only known fix for this issue is to completely restart the game from the beginning. Raised on life isn’t a particularly long title, with 100% playtime expected in around 20-25 hours and completion of the main quest around ten hours. Even so, reaching this point in the game only to have one’s progress completely wiped out due to a glitch isn’t going to win favor with fans. Fortunately, many people play Raised on life on Xbox Game Pass, so at least those players don’t feel like they wasted their money.

While this issue does not affect all players, unfortunately it is an issue that has been around for quite some time and has yet to be resolved by developer Squanch Games. Reports of this problem go back at least to December 17, when a Raised on life Update released but did not fix the issue. It’s likely that the developer will eventually release a patch to address this issue, and it may be that the only reason they haven’t already is because the team is taking a break over the holidays. Players encountering this bug and wanting to complete the game will need to restart, but for those willing to wait, shelving the game and waiting for a new patch may be the best solution.

Raised on life is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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