Gamer finds a vintage Pepsiman figurine

A player finds a nostalgic action figure of Pepsiman, the protagonist of the late 90s video game created by Pepsi for the PlayStation.

A gamer has unearthed a vintage action figure of Pepsiman, the bizarre advertising mascot and video game protagonist that Pepsi brought to life in the late 90s as a new way to market the popular soda pop. Being a first generation PlayStation game, some may have forgotten or are unaware of Pepsiman. However, one player’s memory was jolted by the discovery of a vintage action figure of the character, leading them to share the find with the internet.


When it comes to video games, Pepsiman is one of the weirdest licensed games ever made. With titles like Burger King’s Sneak King and Shaq Fu, featuring basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, there was a period in gaming where popular companies and brands liked to use video games as a way to advertise to gamers. However, there aren’t many of these games that come close to the weirdness of Pepsiman. With his chrome body and featureless face save for a gaping mouth and a branded Pepsi emblem on his chest, Pepsiman made his way into video games as a bizarre humanoid billboard for the soda company.

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A Reddit user posted a photo to the r/gaming subreddit of an unopened vintage action figure of the soda mascot. The figure’s packaging contains Pepsiman, of course, but also contains a snowboard kit and a small can of Pepsi to quench his thirst on the slopes. His featureless face can be seen front and center of the packaging while the snowboard kit in the figure’s case includes a snowboard, snow boots and even a kickstand. Although the old packaging makes the character seem forgotten, Pepsiman still has a cult following.

Pepsiman is just one of many creative commercials that have made their way to games. Despite the odd and somewhat unsettling nature of his appearance, his looks are part of the reason he’s gained such a cult following among a few gamers. For some it’s a nostalgic reminder of the 90s and their childhood, while being a fun new discovery for others.

Some can’t help but feel nostalgic seeing iconic characters like Pepsiman. The mascot’s heavy nostalgia factor even led one fan to bring Pepsiman into the modern game. While these types of characters and games are clearly gimmicks, there’s still a unique charm they carry through the years. Whether it’s for fun childhood memories or just a quick laugh, characters like Pepsiman serve as the perfect reminder for a very specific time in gaming history.

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