Genshin Impact Leak Details TCG Updates for Version 3.4

Genshin Impact has several balance tweaks coming to the new Genius Invokation TCG in version 3.4, along with nerfs and changes.

A recent Genshin Impact leaker has shared details about changes to Genius Invokation TCG during version 3.4, with some of the game’s powerful strategies being affected. The release of version 3.3 earlier this month brought with it the long-awaited introduction of TCG mode, which was rumored to arrive several months prior. The game has already seen strategies forming around some of the most powerful character cards in the TCG, including Ayaka, Collei, and Yoimiya, among others. Now, HoYoVerse already has balance changes planned for the next release.


Genshin ImpactThe new TCG mode has already seen several leaks of new maps in the first update following the release of the minigame. Leaks have revealed that the version 3.4 update will feature the addition of two new character cards to the TCG with popular characters Beidou and Klee joining the game. Version 3.3 of the game has already featured a new character added after was included at launch, with Cyno first becoming available after the end of the first week of the patch. Now, the next TCG update will bring its first balancing changes.

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A recent leak from Genshin Impact Leaker Pengepul Teyvat details changes to four characters and one event map for 3.4, including the yet-to-be-released Beidou. Yoimiya will see a change in the cost of his Elemental Burst, with his energy requirements increased from 2 to 3, while Collei’s Talent card will see a similar cost increase from 3 Dendro Dice to 4. Beidou’s Burst will also see an increase from cost before its release at the same values ​​as Yoimiya’s, while seeing its damage drop from 4 to 3.

Other minor changes include Maguu Kenki’s skill having its damage removed while the Minty Meat Rolls event card will now only reduce the cost of the next three attacks. Changes in version 3.4 will aim to address some of the game’s most powerful decks forming within its first competitive meta. Yoimiya has been a central part of one of Genius Invokation TCG’s strongest decks early on, playing as part of a Melt deck with Ayaka. Collei, as one of only two Dendro characters in Genius Invokation, is a powerful part of early builds revolving around the Quicken reaction.

The addition of Genius Invokation TCG in version 3.3 brought the brand new permanent gameplay feature to Genshin Impactjoining the combat-focused Spiral Abyss housing system and the Serenitea Pot housing system. GenshinEndgame content from received criticism from fans for not adding more combat-focused elements to the endgame, only featuring the Spiral Abyss for consistent combat content . While Genshin has continuously added new regions and stories, fans continue to push for Genshinto see a suitable new endgame addition.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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