Genshin Impact Poll Reveals Game’s Most Popular Archon

A recent Genshin Impact poll with thousands of votes reveals the most popular character among the currently known four Archons.

A Genshin Impact A poll in the Japanese community revealed the most popular of the four currently playable Archons. There are seven different Archons in the world of Teyvat, who are known as extremely powerful gods who watch over the seven main regions. Each Archon is associated with an element and an ideal by which they formed their nations.

They are also the focal point of Genshin ImpactArchon quests that follow the game’s main storyline. Unlike most playable characters, Archons do not need Visions to access their elemental powers, but each of them has a special item called Gnosis that allows to communicate with Celestia, the residence of the gods of Teyvat.


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Reddit user dreznovk has shared the results of a poll conducted in the Japanese gaming community which reveals that Raiden Shogun is the most popular of the four currently known Archons. This comes as no surprise given that each region in the game is based on a real-life location, and Raiden Shogun’s Inazuma Nation is inspired by Japanese culture. Another reason why she’s so popular is probably the fact that she’s one of the most flexible characters in Genshin Impact as she can fulfill several roles within a team composition. He’s a great Electro DPS character that can also serve as a sub-DPS or support with high energy recharge potential.

The second most popular Archon is Zhongli who watches over the Liyue region. Also known as the God of Contracts, the Geo Archon is confirmed to be over 6000 years old, meaning he survived the infamous Archon War. Regarding his power in the field, Zhongli is also a very useful five-star character who can generate the strongest shield in the world. Genshin Impact as well as crushing enemies with a Geo meteor.

A number of fans seem surprised that the recently released Dendro Archon Nahida took third place on the list, as many expected her to be ranked higher. His first banner appearance alongside Yoimiya broke Genshin Impactsurpassing fellow Archon Raiden Shogun.

According to the poll, the least favorite character on the list is Anemo user Venti, who is known as the oldest Archon in the game to date. He was part of the game since the 1.0 update which arrived in September 2020. However, despite being one of the first characters to join the playable roster, recent reports from Spiral Abyss show that players are still using Venti thanks to the versatility of its kit.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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